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One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Colorado Confederates (Part 4)


Another very interesting, old cemetery lies in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Known as Columbia (Pioneer) Cemetery, the cemetery is located at 9th and Pleasant Streets, and includes the graves of over 230 Civil War veterans. Both Confederate and Union veterans are buried there. The oldest grave dates back to 1870.

The cemetery received a state historic fund grant in March, and is using the money to stabilize and repair markers.  According to the Boulder Daily Camera, “This year marks the ninth time History Colorado has awarded a State Historical Fund grant to the cemetery since 1994, providing more than $623,600 to conservation efforts there, according to organization spokeswoman Shannon Haltiwanger. History Colorado launched the grant program in 1992.”

Mr. Jack R. Box has established the cemetery works website, which lists all of the Civil War Veterans by name. Some of these veterans came from Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Kentucky. By clicking on the soldier’s surname, a picture of their headstone pops up. For more information, please check out:




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