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1862 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation by CSA President Jefferson Davis

President Jefferson Davis, Confederate States of America, made the following Thanksgiving Day proclamation in 1862. His first such proclamation, “a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer,” had been issued in 1861. It was not until two years later that Abraham Lincoln copied Davis and announced the first official Thanksgiving Day in the North.

To the People of the Confederate States:
Once more upon the plains of Manassas have our armies been blessed by the Lord of Hosts with a triumph over our enemies. It is my privilege to invite you once more to His footstool, not now in the garb of fasting and sorrow, but with joy and gladness, to render thanks for the great mercies received at His hand. A few months since, and our enemies poured forth their invading legions upon our soil. They laid waste our fields, polluted our altars and violated the sanctity of our homes. Around our capital they gathered their forces, and with boastful threats, claimed it as already their prize. The brave troops which rallied to its defense have extinguished these vain hopes, and, under the guidance of the same almighty hand, have scattered our enemies and driven them back in dismay.

Uniting these defeated forces and the various armies which had been ravaging our coasts with the army of invasion in Northern Virginia, our enemies have renewed their attempt to subjugate us at the very place where their first effort was defeated, and the vengeance of retributive justice has overtaken the entire host in a second and complete overthrow. To this signal success accorded to our arms in the East has been graciously added another equally brilliant in the West. On the very day on which our forces were led to victory on the Plains of Manassas, in Virginia, the same Almighty arm assisted us to overcome our enemies at Richmond, in Kentucky. Thus, at one and the same time, have two great hostile armies been stricken down, and the wicked designs of their armies been set at naught.

In such circumstances, it is meet and right that, as a people, we should bow down in adoring thankfulness to that gracious God who has been our bulwark and defense, and to offer unto him the tribute of thanksgiving and praise. In his hand is the issue of all events, and to him should we, in an especial manner, ascribe the honor of this great deliverance.

Now, therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, do issue this, my proclamation, setting apart Thursday, the 18th day of September inst., as a day of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God for the great mercies vouchsafed to our people, and more especially for the triumph of our arms at Richmond and Manassas; and I do hereby invite the people of the Confederate States to meet on that day at their respective places of public worship, and to unite in rendering thanks and praise to God for these great mercies, and to implore Him to conduct our country safely through the perils which surround us, to the final attainment of the blessings of peace and security. Given under my hand and the seal of the Confederate States, at Richmond, this fourth day of September, A.D.1862.
Thanksgiving Proclamation By President Davis –
Civil War Family

(Article courtesy of The Southern Comfort, Publication of Private Samuel A. Hughey Camp 1452 Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jefferson Davis Chapter Military Order of the Stars and Bars, Volume 45, Issue # 11, November 2021)

Cover Reveal – His Accidental Princess

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A reluctant princess and a cranky bodyguard…

A person and person kissing

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All that Sona Singh has ever wanted was a family of her own.

Abandoned as a baby, raised in an orphanage, she wants roots. All she gets is a grumpy cat.

All that Maj. Samar Deshmukh has ever wanted was redemption.

A chance to break free of the memories that still hold him prisoner. What he gets is having to babysit an accidental princess and her man-eating cat.

Sona believes that her life can’t get worse than it already is. And then, she discovers that she is the long-lost princess of Nagaur. Which would be a good thing, if not for the fact that someone is trying to kill her.

In this incomprehensible world of snooty royals and their stuffy protocol, Samar is Sona’s only link to reality. And safety.

But when she falls head over heels in lust with the surly ex-commando, she realizes that a threat to her life might be the least of her problems.

Can Sona ever find happiness with a man who refuses to love her for fear of losing her?

His Accidental Princess is an exciting, passionate and funny royal romantic suspense about love and redemption.

Book Links:
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59643672-his-accidental-princess
Amazon India – https://amzn.to/3ozC4ox
Amazon US – https://amzn.to/3oCceQJ

About the Author:


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Kyra Seth is a Mumbai-based author who loves romance, comedy and action equally. 

She writes exciting stories that are funny and steamy in equal parts.

Kyra on the Web:

Website – https://kyraseth.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100073418704789
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kyrasethauthor/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/kyrasethauthor
Newsletter – https://rb.gy/qd9feg

I’m Officially a Best-Selling Author!

Several months ago, I was invited to participate in an anthology titled Success Mindsets. Several other authors and I contributed chapters to the book, describing what we thought success looks like and how we have achieved it. Here is a sample from my chapter:

“There’s nothing like validation to motivate someone, and this was incentive enough for me to keep going, believe in myself, and never give up. Like any career, there are ups and downs, good experiences and bad, but with a success mindset, anything is achievable. I credit my success one hundred percent to all of these attributes: luck, talent, writing habits, persistence and perseverance…

“…Three takeaways I’d like to share, which made a vast difference to me, are perseverance, confidence, and dedication. These three things made me successful, and I believe anyone who has these same attributes has the ability to be successful as well. I have persevered by conquering my obstacles and completing my projects, my confidence in knowing I was capable of creating a work of art and of being the best I can be at my craft has paid off, and my dedication to thoroughly research and accurately communicate gained knowledge about my topic has been rewarding in so many ways.”

Because of my perseverance, I have won several awards, and now I am officially a USA Today bestselling author! I can’t tell you how much this means to me, but I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s because of you that I’m a success. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me!

If you’d like a copy of the eBook, here is the link:

In Honor of Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, the day we honor all those who served in the American armed forces. To show their appreciation, many restaurants are offering free meals to vets today, and some places are holding parades. This is the least we can do for our brave veterans who risked their lives to secure our freedom, some of which who paid the ultimate price. Thank you, veterans, for your service.

I wanted to emphasize that, because I’m a Civil War author, the fact that all Confederates were essentially declared American war veterans is easily overlooked these days.

Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines who fought in the Civil War were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in in 1957. U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958, gave Confederate veterans the same legal status as U.S. veterans in terms of pension rights. This made all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans. Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929, the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate gravesites as U.S. war dead gravesites. Just for the record, the last Confederate veteran died in 1958. So, in essence, when you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. VETERAN.

1938 Battle of Gettysburg Reunion

 This, in my opinion, is why it is so offensive to be taking down statues and monuments representing Confederate soldiers, because they are honoring our American war vets. My father, who was a Marine in the Korean War, would be ashamed of what America has become, and how disrespectful it is. (I’m glad he’s not alive to see this.) I feel it is our responsibility to stand up to tyranny and put a stop to it.

Guest Post – Fake Grass for Pets

I frequently feature guest posts about various topics, and I found this one interesting. If you have ever traveled with a dog through an airport, you know how difficult it can be to find a place where your pet can relieve itself. I have seen rooms set up in some airports with artificial grass, and I wondered how effective it was. Perhaps this article can enlighten us as to the potential of artifical grass.

Fake Grass for Pets: 5 Common Questions

Fake grass or artificial grass is becoming quite popular, especially among pet lovers. Every pet owner has a different reason for liking the fake grass as some like it for its similarity with original grass whereas some like it because it doesn’t require cutting. It shines throughout the year and can make discolored lawns green again. Not only this, fake grass doesn’t get muddy from your pet’s little paws. 

Fake grass doesn’t require much care and that’s why more and more people are going after it. If you too are a fan of fake grass and planning to install the same for your pet on your lawn, then this post can be useful to you as here we will discuss it in detail. 

Featured Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-flip-flops-on-green-grass-4066359/

Advantages of Choosing Fake Grass Lawns For Pets?

·         A Lush Green Lawn Round the Year

When you own a pet, you make yourself ready to deal with problems like a dirty lawn with your pet’s urine or digging. To maintain your lawn, you spend a lot of money on fertilizers, lawn care treatments, and others. After doing all this, you still don’t feel satisfied with your lawn’s condition. But if you choose fake grass for your lawn, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. Even you get lush green lawn throughout the year. 

·         No More Muddy Paws in the House

Real lawns get muddy in rainy or winter seasons and your pet loves to roll around in muddy lawns. It can be fun for your pet but as an owner, you don’t like muddy paws in your house. However, if you go for fake grass, then you don’t have to face this problem as there is no mud in fake grass no matter what the weather outside is. 

·         Healthier Environment

A real lawn can have insects like lungworms inside the grass that tends to make your pet fall sick. But if you choose fake grass for your lawn, then there is no risk of this kind. It prevents your pet such as a dog from contracting any disease or illness. 

·         No More Harmful Chemicals

For the maintenance of a real lawn, you have to use chemicals like fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, and growth regulators. Although chemicals remove insects and weeds from your lawn, these are harmful to your pet. On the other hand, if you go for artificial grass, then there is no risk as artificial grass is made of non-toxic material which is safe for your pet. 

The above-listed are the major advantages of using fake grass for your lawns. The advantages are not enough to convince a pet owner to use fake grass over real grass.

Now, we will discuss five common questions that come to a pet owner’s mind when they plan to install fake grass or artificial grass on their lawns:

Will your pet love to play on it?

Featured Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-dog-on-grass-field-3590443/

Pets such as dogs love to play on grass and they do the same even when you use fake grass in place of real grass in your lawns. The good news is that your dog has a much healthier environment to play in. Also, you don’t have to worry about the muddy paws of your pet in your home.

What happens if your pet urinates on artificial grass?

You need to understand that most artificial grasses can drain the liquids. So, you don’t have to clean the urine on your own as the same gets drained by itself. Now, you would ask how the liquid is drained. So, for your knowledge, the backing found on fake grass has drainage holes that drain the liquid in a few minutes. Most fake grasses have the draining capability of draining about 50 liters of liquid per square per hour. In case, you find the grass to be stinky because of the urine, then you can clean it by watering the affected areas.

How to clean the fake grass lawns?

Some people tell you that there is zero maintenance for fake grass or artificial grass lawns. But, it is not true at all but the cost is minimal. With time, dirt gets built up at the bottom. You can clean the same with a stiff broom or with the help of a brush. It is advised to clean the grass occasionally because this will keep the fibers in the grass in their best condition. Do the cleaning only once or twice a year.

How to remove pet hair from fake grass?

This is an important question that comes to a pet owner’s mind. Pets such as dogs have problems like hair fall. Their hair gets stuck to the fake grass and the same cannot be removed easily. You can use the garden vacuum to clean dog hair from fake grass. This will surely work better than anything else. 

Are fake grass lawns long-lasting?

Fake grass lawns are designed in a way that they can stand the test of time. These have a lifespan of about twenty years. So, installing the same in your lawns can be a one-time affair as their lifespan is quite long. The pet turf will remain the same even after wear and tear from pets. 

Conclusion: The above-listed questions with answers are enough for you if you are going to install fake grass in your home’s lawn in place of real grass. They are low-cost and easy to maintain. So, opt for fake grass lawns over real grass lawns. 

Author Bio

This article is contributed by Steve. With over 20 years of landscaping experience and expertise, Steve and his top-notch team have completed thousands of artificial grass and green installations that come with the added bonus of saving money and water.

Release Blitz – Dawn’s Desire

One night of passion, a stolen moment of joy and six years of pain… A picture containing text, screenshot, electronics

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A person with no shirt

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Rishi Khatri cannot forget the beautiful woman who swept into his life for one incredible night and then disappeared…with the contents of his wallet and large chunks of his heart.
Until the day, he meets Sehar again and he realises that he cannot forgive her. For, Rishi has made a cardinal mistake. He’s fallen in love with his one night stand.

Sehar Mirza’s one night of rebellion destroyed any chance of a normal future. But her heart cannot regret her choice. For in that one night, she laughed, she loved and she lost. She lived an entire lifetime.
When their paths cross again, Sehar and Rishi find their feelings for each other haven’t dimmed. All they want in life is another chance, a second chance.

But Sehar has a secret. One that will destroy their tentative happiness.

Can they learn to look beyond their past mistakes and hope for a shared future? Can Rishi forgive a betrayal so large that it leaves his already battered heart in pieces at Sehar’s feet?

Can love win? Or will loss claim their destiny for its own again?

Book Links:

Goodreads * Amazon.in * Amazon.com

Read an Excerpt from Dawn’s Desire

His home looked exactly as I’d expected it to. Meticulously curated, tastefully furnished and anally maintained. 

“You live alone?” I asked, as he handed me fresh towels and herded me towards the guest bedroom.

“Did you think I had a secret wife stashed away in my cupboard or something?” 

I shrugged. “Stranger things have happened.” 

He came to an abrupt halt in front of me. “Really? Like what?”

I gave him what I hoped was an enigmatic smile but what was, in reality, probably more constipated. 

With one last weirded-out look, he pushed the door of a room open and stepped back. “This is the guest bedroom. It has an attached toilet. If you need anything, let me know.” 

With that, he was gone before I could thank him or say any of the hundred other things bubbling through me. I dropped the duffel bag I’d carried along on the beautifully made bed and took in my surroundings. 

The entire room was done in shades of pastel green and cream and had a soothing effect on my otherwise frazzled nerves. My finger trailed over a summery yellow porcelain bowl on the bedside table with potpourri in it. 

Who kept his home so immaculate for him? Jealousy speared through me as I took in the many feminine touches to the room. I shook it off and marched into the bathroom to wash the day’s dirt and grief off of me. 

The hot spray of water from the shower boiled my skin and cleansed my soul. I took a deep breath as I wrapped my hair in a towel, changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt and followed my nose to the drawing room. 

Rishi held out a bowl of steaming hot deliciousness. “Chicken Pad Thai okay?” he asked. 

I nodded, taking the bowl from him. “Thank you.” 

He gave me a brief smile before picking up his own bowl and digging in. He had a copy of the latest book by Lee Child beside him.

“How are you enjoying that?” I asked, pointing with my fork to the book. 

He moved his hand in a so-so gesture saying, “Not sure if it is the book or my mood though.”

I bit my tongue. I really did. But it wagged anyway. 

“Is there something wrong with your mood?” I asked. 

His fork froze on the way to his mouth. “Nothing that concerns you,” he answered, quietly. 

It stung but I forced myself to look serene as I dug into my dinner. 

“You haven’t asked me yet,” I pushed my food around. “Why my parents threw me out of the house? Don’t you want to know?” 

“I haven’t asked you about many things, Sehar.” He reached casually for the television remote and turned it on. “Why would I start now?” 

This time it hurt to breathe. I sucked in a harsh gasp but it did nothing but burn its way through me. 

“I tried to explain my behaviour that night to you in Goa.” 

“And I told you I wasn’t interested in your explanation.” He kept his gaze on the television even as he increased the volume to drown me out. 

“Rishi, I never meant to-“ 

The television clicked off, the silence that fell in the room as abrupt as it was complete. 

He turned towards me, finally, fury burning in his gaze, his knuckles turning white from his grip on his bowl. 

“Is it so hard for you to understand that I am not interested in discussing that night with you? Ever? You lied to me, you slept with me, you used me and you stole from me…whatever your so-called justifications are, Sehar…I don’t care!” 

My throat locked, my apology crumbling and dying inside me. 

“Are we clear?” he asked, softly. 

“Crystal,” I forced out. 

“Good.” He turned the television on again, letting the sound wash over us. 

Silently, I ate every last bite in my bowl before walking to the kitchen to wash and stack it on the drying tray. 

I stopped at the entrance to the living room and watched him eat and stare at the television as if my presence in his home made no difference to him. 

We both knew better. We were both experts at pretending differently though. 

“I’ll be gone in the morning,” I told the back of his head. 

“You always are.” He increased the volume again until I thought the windows would shatter. 

Or maybe I would. 

About the Author:

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Shilpa Suraj wears many hats – corporate drone, homemaker, mother to a fabulous toddler and author.

An avid reader with an overactive imagination, Shilpa has weaved stories in her head since she was a child. Her previous stints at Google, in an ad agency and as an entrepreneur provide colour to her present day stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Contact the Author:
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Newsletter

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