When is your next book coming out?

I am writing another short story to go with the Renegade Series, which should be out early next year.

Do I need to read the Renegade Series in order?

Not necessarily, as each book is stand alone, but it is helpful.

What is the order of books to read?

A Beautiful Glittering Lie, A Becharmed Callie Christmas, A Beckoning Hellfire, A Rebel Among Us, and Double-Edged Sword.

What book did you introduce David Summers to Anna Brady?

A Rebel Among Us.

What is your writing schedule?

I usually write during late afternoons/early evenings. Later at night, I proofread what I’ve previously written.

Do you outline your books?

Yes, for the most part. Sometimes my characters change the plots though!

How long does it take you to write a book?

For novels, it takes me approximately six months to research it and six months to write it, so a year.

Does anyone read your books before they are published?

My son helps me out and has been my first beta reader on all of the Renegade Series books.

Historical fiction requires a lot of research. What does that involve?

It involves delving into anything I can find that might enlighten my story. I usually spend a lot of time reading old out-of-print books, as well as books I have requested through interlibrary loans.

How can I get a signed copy?

This option is available for each book when you purchase it from my website. I also have a few limited, first edition hardcovers available.

Are you available for speaking engagements?

I am available locally (Redding, California). I am also available for Zoom calls with book clubs, etc. Please contact me for details.

Fun facts

My first car was a 1964 1/2 Mustang, and I have a 1966 Mustang with some of the 1964 1/2’s parts in it.
I have had many pets, including a quail and a chicken. My first dog was a dachshund. We now have two doxies and two cats (a Siamese and a gray tabby).
I am an avid horse lover, but I can’t own any because I’m allergic to hay.
While living in Colorado, I played in an original rock band, the Julie Hawkins Band. I played rhythm guitar and sang lead. Our music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other online music outlets.
I have a minor in art with an emphasis in advertising design.
I am a passionate plant person, and have worked in many greenhouses and floral shops. At one point, I had over 60 plants in my house.
I am a certified interior designer, and love designing homes.
I met my future husband at Target. He stood me up on our first date. We’ve been married over 40 years.