New Review for A Beautiful Glittering Lie

New Review for A Beautiful Glittering Lie

I just received this awesome review for my novel, A Beautiful Glittering Lie, from Diabolic Shrimp. Thank you for the great review!















A Beautiful Glittering Lie

JDR Hawkins

JDR Hawkins brings the Civil War to life through the eyes of a family in A Beautiful Glittering Lie!  The Confederacy has just broken away from the Union and Southern farmer Hiram Summers decides to enlist in the army, soon getting whisked away to war.  Meanwhile, his wife Caroline and son David discover the realities of war on the homefront.  I loved Hawkins’ focus on this one family as it gave the avenue to see the war from three different perspectives: that of the soldier, the youth, and the mother trying to make ends meet on the farm!  This is a novel with great feeling and intrigue, and I loved the characters and getting to experience their moral struggle.  If you’re interested in the Civil War and want a good emotional novel, come enlist with A Beautiful Glittering Lie!

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