New Review for A Beautiful Glittering Lie

New Review for A Beautiful Glittering Lie

I recently received this review for my novel, A Beautiful Glittering Lie, which I think is quite flattering. Thank you so much, Amanda Lewis, your amazing review!

“Upon coming across your book, I was immediately drawn in, and I believe that its message has been effectively communicated to me. Please allow me to discuss the strengths of the book as I share my assessment of it.

“Key Points: Character Dynamics: The interactions and relationships among Hiram, Caroline, and David are central to the narrative. Highlighting the emotional bonds and struggles they face as a result of the war will resonate with readers and is a key aspect to emphasize in any review or discussion of the book.

“Historical Context: Given the rich historical detail in the novel, it would be valuable to explore how the story connects to actual events of the Civil War. Discussing the impact of historical accuracy on the storytelling and its educational value can be a key talking point.

“Family as a Microcosm: “A Beautiful Glittering Lie” offers a lens through which to view the larger themes of the Civil War, presenting the family as a microcosm of the nation’s divisions. Analyzing how the family’s experiences reflect the broader context of the war can provide valuable insights for readers.

“Moral Dilemmas: The novel delves into the moral dilemmas faced by its characters, particularly Hiram, as they navigate their loyalties and convictions. Exploring the ethical questions raised in the story, and the characters’ responses, can be a thought-provoking aspect to discuss.

“In summary, “A Beautiful Glittering Lie” is a compelling historical novel that effectively captures the essence of the Civil War era, providing readers with a poignant exploration of sacrifice, family, and the consequences of war. The book’s well-developed characters, authentic historical backdrop, and emotional depth make it a strong addition to the historical fiction genre, and it offers ample material for meaningful discussion and analysis.”

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