How to Extend the Life of Your Prefab Metal Barn

How to Extend the Life of Your Prefab Metal Barn

How to Extend the Life of Your Prefab Metal Barn

Being one of the most durable materials available on our planet, steel has outscored all its competitors. Its features like fire and pest resistance, durability, and strength are unparalleled to traditionally used materials like timber. Generally, metal structures are cost-effective and do not require much upkeep. Even though metal buildings require less maintenance, without a little care, they might start rusting and develop signs of withering. With proper care, you can extend metal building life. With suitable care, the metal barn can last up to 50 years or more, but without maintenance, it will last you only 10 years. Metal barn maintenance becomes essential for livestock cleaning, feeding, and washing inside the building. The area where animals frequently move around or sit will develop moisture. A good housekeeping practice must be implemented for animal health and hygiene. If you are using a barn to store crops, you must check moisture, unwanted rodents, and mildew growth. Following are some hacks you can adapt to extend metal barn life and help you with its maintenance.

Examine Rust:

It’s essential to check your building at least once a month regularly. If you notice any signs of rust or holes in your metal panels, addressing them promptly within a few days instead of waiting for months is best. This proactive approach can help prevent further damage and ensure the safety and integrity of your building. In metal barns, rust can spread if subjected to moisture, so that tiny hole might lead to a bigger impact in the future. Ensure your building is dry and clean to prevent any rust formation. If there is any water logging problem near your metal barn, fix it promptly. Failing to address this matter may lead to rusting in the long run and result in significant financial damage.

Oil Hinges:

Hinges are connectors to your metal structures found in add-ons like windows, doors, etc. They are in use frequently. Timely oiling of hinges will reduce friction. It may look unnecessary, but it will keep your windows and doors from jamming. Do not let a stubborn door get in your way to access your building. Replace hinges that have wear and tear signs. A broken hinge can cause your doors and windows to shift out of place or even fall off entirely.


Air circulation prevents the building of moisture, foul smell, and heat. When you buy a custom steel barn, ensure that you have proper windows and door plans for ventilation. If you have solar, wind, or gravity-powered ventilators, ensure they are cleaned regularly. Clean the blades of your barn’s ceiling fans and empty the dehumidifier reservoir where water is collected. 


If your insulators have passed their warranty period, get them checked and replaced if needed. Leakage and incorrect insulation may lead to condensation. Condensation damage is interior. It can lead to rusting due to moisture retention.Proper insulation plays a vital role in your metal barn maintenance. It might cost you more at installation, but it will prove worth every cent. Remember to get insulators when buying a custom steel barn; they will extend your metal building life.

Repair Damages:

In general, repair any minor damage that you notice in your metal barn. Metal buildings have power coating and durable spray coating that looks like paint. If you see them chip away or fade away, apply a re-coat. It will protect from rust and prolong the life of your metal barn. 

Washing Your Barn:

Over time, dust and sand can accumulate in your barn and cause it to lose its charm. If dirt and grime have accumulated on your steel barn, it’s time to wash them off. How? You can use industrial cleaners available for washing buildings. After cleaning, you can use a pressure washer at its lowest setting to rinse off. While dirt is not a problem for metal, it will feed and attract algae and moss growth. You can also wash interior walls and floors using cleaning solutions, and wearing a mask while cleaning is advisable so the spray does not enter your lungs.

Cleaning Roof and Gutters:

Any organic debris, like leaves, branches, etc., can stockpile on roof panels. Not just this debris make your barn look dirty, but they also absorb rainwater and moisture from the air. They dampen the roof’s surface, which might lead to rust formation if leftover time. Go for vertical roofs as they make cleaning easy due to their vertical steel panel.Cleaning your barn’s gutter is as important as installing it. While buying a custom steel barn, ensure you have gutter features installed. A gutter will collect all the rainwater and drain it from your metal barn into a drainage. This will help your barn to get dry quickly. Hence, there will be no time to develop moisture. A clogged gutter will restrict the flow of water.

Unplanned Updating:

If you plan to expand your metal barn, consult a professional rather than do it alone. Any unplanned modification might cause extra load on the building’s base. Barn is usually a large structure and requires proper planning to be extended in size. 


Besides the above points, ensure that your nearby landscape is also clean. Any plants or roots of trees can damage the barn’s foundation if left unchecked. It will take the life out of your metal building. Inspect your metal barn as soon as it is installed to remove any unwanted leftover material that may cause the metal structure to rust. Keep your unused stuff properly stored. So, how far should you have a plantation? Avoid having bushes and trees immediately beside your building’s base. Maintaining a foot gap will be advisable. When you buy custom steel barns, ensure they are coated for protection. It would be best if you preferred installing an insulator during construction because afterward, you might have to dismantle some panels, which will cost you extra. When buying a prefab steel barn, always choose certified galvanized steel. You can email us at Viking Barns for more information. If you are looking for a prefab metal barn or have any queries, please contact us.

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