Home-Made Remedies Rule

Home-Made Remedies Rule

I prefer using home-made remedies whenever possible. As A Civil War author, I have studied about herbal remedies our ancestors used, as well as little-known facts that have been eradicated over the years. One such example is the false idea that dandelions are weeds. They are actually related to sunflowers, and their flowers provide antioxidants. Another example is a home-made recipe for weed killer, which consists of white vinegar, salt and liquid dish soap.


Here is a guest post article on home-made home cleaning agents.  I hope you enjoy it!

9 Home-Made Cleaning Agents to Make Your House Spotless-Clean

When it comes to cleaning our house, we automatically assume that it requires a formulated chemical agent to get rid of stains, odor, or infestation of microorganisms. While that may be true; But there are other alternatives to it which surprisingly does the work and produces effective results.

Now, you may wonder what the alternatives are. Well, these alternatives are present in your house so fortunately, you won’t have to make a stop by the supermarket store. All you need to do is make use of it right away. Besides that, chemically formulated agents for cleaning are often not environmentally friendly. Read more to find out about DIY Cleaning products. 

Amazing DIY Cleaning Products for Easy House Cleaning!

Most of the DIY agents are in your house already but to use it as a cleaning agent, you need to formulate a mixture of it with other components. Here are some classic DIY agents that are easy for use:

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

To make an all-purpose cleaner for bathrooms, countertops, or windows, you need a glass bottle that can spray,  2 cups of white vinegar and water separately. In the mixture, you need to add 3 drops of essential oil made of lemon and another 3 drops of oil made of tea tree.

Once you’ve mixed the mixture well, put it in the glass bottle and shake it properly. Now, the agent is ready to clean the countertop and most-touched surfaces for getting rid of residual debris. 

2. Tub/Shower Cleaner

Tired of worrying about molds and germs in the bathroom? Here’s what you can do. Use one cup of water and white vinegar each and then mix them. In the same portion, add at least 3 to 5 drops of essential oil made of lemon. 

Now, stir the mixture well and put them in the spray bottle. The cleaning agent is precisely ready for cleaning the bathtub, bathroom walls, or even showerheads. Additionally, you can use the water and vinegar mixture in a plastic bag and wrap it around the showerhead. Make sure it is touching the showerhead. After a period of time, you’ll see that the showerhead is no longer clogged. 

3. Glass Cleaner

Vinegar and water act as a great cleaning agent for removing layers of dirt and dust on the surface of the glass. It is also helpful in taking out the hard grease stuck on the glass. Simply take one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar. Now, put them together and make a mixture. Once that is done, it would be advisable to use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on the glass or mirror. But, if you don’t have one, then you can use a clean cloth to do the wiping. 

That being said, it is also advisable that you let the mixture remain on the glass or mirror for at least 30 seconds. After that, using an extra clean cloth, wipe out the remaining debris.

4. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Many people consider bleach to be an ingredient for cleaning toilet bowls instead of sold products. But, you can try something less volatile and more effective. For this mixture, you need a big vessel where you can mix the agents and a funnel to transfer it to an airtight bottle safely. 

Take ¼ of Castile soap in liquid form, use a half cup p baking soda with ¼ amount of hydroperoxide. Now, add one cup of water to it, aligned with ¼ amount of vinegar. And lastly, add at least 10 drops of essential oil made of tea tree. Mix it well and transfer it into the bottle. Now, use the mixture on the toilet bowl and scrub it. Leave the mixture for at least 10 to 15 minutes until you flush it out. 

5. Air Freshener

Have you run out of air freshener and feeling super lazy to go out? Well, you can make one in your house using simple things. Take a large cup and pour one whole cup of baking soda with one whole cup of water. Now, add essential oil worth 5 to 6 drops. Choose a variety of it based on what kind of smell you want. 

Insert the mixture in a spray bottle and shake it. Now, use it around the corners of the room or at the top of the room so that the fragrance spreads everywhere. 

6. Drainage System Cleaner

If you have a clogged washroom and kitchen sink then take a bowl and make a cleaning agent. Pour ¼ amount of baking soda with ¼ amount of sodium chloride. Now, add ¼ amount of tartar cream. Use this mixture on the drain or sink

Finally, add boiling water worth one cup onto the whole mixture. Let it remain that way for a period of time. Soon, you ‘ll see the drain is unclogging. If you see that it did not work, then apply baking soda and vinegar into the drain. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. 

7. Oven Cleaner

To easy clean over of stains and food residues, mix ¼ amount of castile soap, half cup of salt, one whole cup of baking soda. This will produce a paste-like texture. Use it inside the oven and apply it all over. Leave it for the night and then using warm water, remove it in the morning. Using a sponge would be advisable to absorb the residue. Finally, use white vinegar to do the last finishing of cleaning as residues can still remain inside. 

8. Sanitized Wipes

Want to make DIY reusable disinfectant wipes? Here’s what you can do. Take an empty container where you’ll put the wipes and dish towels worth 15 to 120 squares. Now, place them inside the container that you will use. 

Using one cup of water with ¼ amount of vinegar, add them in the container. Now, add 7 to 8 drops of tea tree oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil. Let the cloth soak in the container for a period of time. Then, you can use them as per your needs. Or, you can re-use them by putting them inside the laundry of clothes. 

9. Dishwasher Agent 

If you want to prepare a dishwashing agent by yourself, take 2  measuring cups glass containers with a half cup of baking soda powder and white vinegar. Now that you’ve repaired the items, remove the dishes from the rack. Using a clean towel, take off the remaining debris. 

Now, use the vinegar cup and place it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, while placing the baking soda container on the first rack. Now, all you need to do is let the dishwasher run its course. Let the operation be for 20 minutes of the cleaning cycle. 

Once it is over, you’ll see It worked as a natural steam cleaning process. Lastly, wipe away the remaining mixture from the racks. 

Let’s Ease Everyday Cleaning Routine

Even using all the DIY agents, cleaning can be a tough job, especially if you have a busy life. But, there is an easy way to get it done. Getting quality cleaning services from Dubai-Cleaners can make the job easier for you. They have been imparting quality service in Dubai for many years. And, since then have earned immense trust and fame due to their credibility. So, why worry about cleaning when you can easily hire professional assistance based on your convenience. 

(Article courtesy of Mr. Sadat Hossain)

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