Five-Star Review for Double-Edged Sword

Five-Star Review for Double-Edged Sword

I recently received another five-star review for my novel, Double-Edged Sword. This book is the fourth one in the Renegade Series. Thank you so much, Joshua Grant, for your review!

Joshua Grant

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Bringing the post Civil War Reconstruction era to life in a deep and meaningful way!

JDR Hawkins brings us a really interesting and human look at the Reconstruction era with Double-Edged Sword! With the end of the Civil War, ex Confederate David Summers returns to a war torn home and begins to attempt to pick up the pieces. But when a confrontation erupts with an old enemy, David is forced to stand trial. Hawkins always brings the past to life so vividly and seamlessly, and seeing Reconstruction through David and his family’s eyes was very deep and intriguing! I especially found the court case and the arguments around fairness in a postwar Union to be particularly fascinating, and I honestly had to keep flipping forward to figure out what would become of David! If you love historic fiction, the Civil War era, or even court dramas, definitely dive back into the deep South with Double-Edged Sword!

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