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One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

The Case of the Missing Monument

Last July,local chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans came together to purchase a monument in Nathan Bedford Forrest Park in Memphis, Tennessee. The 10′ long, 2 ton granite marker, which simply states “Forrest Park,” was placed in the park, proudly displayed beneath the regal statue of Confederate General Forrest sitting atop his steed, and facing busy Union Avenue.

Suddenly, the monument went missing last night. Apparently, the city of Memphis decided after months that the SCV failed to obtain a permit for the monument, so they removed it.

A permit was obtained from the previous director of the Parks and Recreation department, but of course, he is no longer working for the city. Somehow, the paperwork went missing as well. Strange but true. It’s a good thing General Forrest isn’t alive to see how his reputation and memory have been tainted. If he was, I’m sure he’d raise hell!

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2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Monument

  1. Tommy Ferguson on said:

    Gen Forest is a part of our history and great nation during a difficult time, and should be viewed as that.
    Thank you! Tommy Ferguson.

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