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The Irony of It All

If these two articles are any indication, most Americans are against removing monuments and historical artifacts. And yet, it still keeps happening against the majority’s wishes. Why is this happening? Nikki Haley recently remarked how the Confederate monuments and the Southern Cross were symbols of heritage and history until some nimrod, who will remain un-named as to not give him the notoriety he so desperately craves, came along and committed an unfathomable atrocity.
A large crowd gathered Wednesday to watch as the 27-foot-high 112-year-old Confederate statue outside the historic Chatham County courthouse was taken down and dismantles by workers despite a State law protecting it.
The pieces were then taken away with the help of a crane. The cost to the taxpayers was at least $44,000.
A strong majority of North Carolina residents say Confederate statues and monuments should remain in place, according to a statewide survey released Wednesday morning.
The Elon University Poll found that 65% of respondents think Confederate monuments should remain on public, government-owned property, while only 35% think they should be removed.
A quarter of those surveyed said removing monuments helps race relations in the state, 36% said it hurts race relations and 40% said the removal doesn’t make a difference
(Articles courtesy of Dixie Heritage Newsletter, November. 22, 2019 ed.)

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2 thoughts on “The Irony of It All

  1. timeghost on said:

    As a kid, growing up in regions of both the deep south and frigid north, the statues of both Union and Confederate soldiers influenced me neither for nor against slavery/racial matters. They spoke to me, rather, of good, solid men who loved their families and communities. The Southerners clung to their “familiar institution” while the north built their industry on the broken backs of underpaid and overworked migrants. Neither side was all good, nor all bad. To remove statues is to argue the opposite. Why cannot we let the bronze images remind us truth over controversy?

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