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Interesting Developments in Memphis


Since the unauthorized removal of several Confederate monuments and the names changes of three parks, Greenspace is Memphis has been under scrutiny. Memphis managed to find a loophole, allowing them to sell the parks and have the statues removed. But the Sons of Confederate Veterans filed a lawsuit because what Memphis did goes against the state of Tennessee’s laws banning removal of historical monuments. The following articles describe the situation further.

Another Court ruling for SCV Memphis


For the second time in a 2-week span, on Aug 20, 2018, the Chancery Court in Nashville has ruled for the Forrest Camp SCV in motions involved in the Forrest/Davis Statues case. The City of Memphis and Memphis Greenspace had filed a motion to exclude 3 of the SCV’sdocuments in evidence saying that they had not been properly introduced. The SCV countered that thesedocuments were brought out in our (Plaintiff’s)presentation and that the Chancellor herself reviewed and referred to these documents in her statements. They hadthus achieved “judicial notice” and were properly beforethe court.

Though this was a small victory it reinforces the continuing positive campaign of the Forrest Camp 215 SCV to fight for our heritage and the return of the Forrest Statue, the Jefferson Davis monument, and the Capt. Harvey Mathes bust to the parks.

Your continued support, and that of the Tennessee Division and SCV International, is appreciated in this struggle to preserve our history and heritage. We WILL prevail.

Lee Millar
Memphis SCV spokesman “Fighting for General Forrest”




Hosted by Confederate 901
Sep 21 at 12:00 PM – Sep 22 at 6:00 PM CDT Memphis, Tennessee

This is to protest the violation of court order by the criminals of Green Space. In which they completely destroyed Confederate Park and all of historical memora- bilia on July 28th 2018. This is the second time Green Space & the city of Memphis have blatantly violate state law. It is time to take a stand against this illegal action. PLEASE Share!

(Courtesy The Jeff Davis Legion, Official Publication of the Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, September 2018)

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