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Bricks For Beauvoir


It has been a long road back for Beauvoir, the beautiful antebellum home located on the gulf coast of Biloxi, Mississippi where Confederate President Jefferson Davis wrote his memoirs after the Civil War. Beauvoir was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The rose garden behind the house, which was originally planted by Davis’ wife, Varina, was completely washed away, as were some of the outbuildings and other features. Beauvoir itself withstood the hurricane, but suffered much damage.


Fast forward to 2018. Restoration is almost complete. One of the last stages is to build a walkway leading to the cemetery behind the mansion, made of individual bricks. It is being referred to as The Last 100 Campaign. A ceremony is slated to be held on Sunday, June 10, to place the final bricks in the walkway.


It is an important, solemn occasion for members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as well as other donors, who are being given the opportunity to have bricks engraved to honor their ancestors and the tomb of the unknown Confederate soldier, who is buried in the cemetery.



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  2. My pleasure! Thank you for your response, Jessie.

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