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The State Fights Back


I have been reporting on the state of things in Mississippi, specifically, state run, higher education institutions that are refusing to fly the state flag. There seems to be a politically correct problem with the flag as of late. Some critics say the flag represents oppression and racism, because a portion of it has the St. Andrews Cross on it. This emblem, otherwise known as the Southern Cross, has been associated with the KKK, when in fact, it was used as a battle flag for the Confederacy during the Civil War. One by one, state colleges and universities found their own authority to take down the flag. This goes against regulations, but regardless of students’ protests against removing the flag, it was furled, anyway. Now, state representatives are facing this PC wave head-on. Here is an article on the subject.



A new Mississippi Senate bill would grant two public colleges a tax exemption if they fly the State Flag, which is now flown by none of the eight public colleges because it features the Confederate battle flag.
Republic Representative William Shirley persuaded the House last week to withhold a tax break from universities that don’t fly the flag. When the bill came up for a reconsideration after amendment it failed to pass by a 58-56 vote. Since then, Shirley has been unsuccessful in his proposed Flag amendments.
Senate Bill 2509 would exempt the “lands and property” of both the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Mississippi State University (MSU) from state, county and municipal taxes, as well as buildings and improvements that give “affordable board” to students, according to Campus Reform. Still under advisement is another amendment by Shirley to a bond bill that would force state supported colleges to display the banner or face financial penalties.
Without saying a word, Rep. Shirley went to the front of the House Chamber on Wednesday and waved two tiny flags – a Mississippi flag and a plain white flag.
Was it surrender? Shirley would not explain.
(Article courtesy of Dixie Heritage Newsletter, March 17, 2017 ed.)

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3 thoughts on “The State Fights Back

  1. Robert Thomas on said:

    Cut all state funding .it is a part of our history learn to live with it.

  2. Nick Reynolds on said:

    I want the college students to start learning the truth about real American history why do these socialist people have the right to teach their made up story about the true Americans ancestors part in building. Work is something these new generations avoid. Remember kings and officials in Africa sold the slaves out, America was the beginning of the end. Slaves were all different races and legal all over.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Reynolds. It is a shame that the school systems are misinforming students and teaching them untruths. They taught my eight-year-old grandson that the Civil War was about slavery which, of course, is untrue. Change and/or erase history is the name of their game.

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