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I Received Another 5-Star Review!


My new novel, A Rebel Among Us, received yet another 5-star review. Again, thank you, everyone, for your continued support. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

on January 31, 2017
Anna Brady (18, Maggie’s sister) Maggie Brady (Anna’s sister) were babysitting for Abigail (little girl) & Claudia Burrows (little girl).
A confederate soldier had been found bleeding.
Gettysburg was just a few miles away.
Abigail had a pot of water on the stove.
While still recuperating, he told the girls his name; David Ezekiel Summers (18, Montgomery, AL, Morgan County).
David (Baptist) was slowly recuperating.He & Anna were starting to share life stories.
Lil (black girl), & Manny (black boy), had been hiding in the barn.
Aunt Sarah & Grace Burrows (Claudia’s mother) later came back home.
It was Anna’s 19th. birthday.
3/27/1864, Easter Sunday. David (19) had done quite well he had a farmstead & 60 head of cattle.

What dilemma where David & Anna experiencing?

(Thank you, Tony Parsons!)

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