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More Absurdity


The Confederacy is still under attack across the country, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Now, Sons of Confederate Veterans’ camp signs are being taken down. I’m sorry, but this is a living history group that does a lot of good things for their communities. If it was any other group being attacked, I’m sure there would be a lot more outrage. But because of all the misconceptions surrounding the Confederate battle flag, it seems to be okay that everything Confederate should be eradicated, because it is now considered to be all evil, racist, hateful, and wrong. However, this  misconstrued image is, in itself, wrong.

confederate school

Another example is a group of schools in Houston, Texas. They include Lee High School, Albert Sidney Johnston Middle School, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Middle School, John Reagan High School, Richard Dowling Middle School, Sidney Lanier Middle School, and Jefferson Davis High School. The school board voted in May to change the names, and has approved to spend $1.2 million to do so. What a waste of money! Wouldn’t it be better spent in educational programs? Just sayin’.


Protests are underway to get rid of the Confederate battle flag during Civil War reenactments. One such case was heard prior to this year’s anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Democratic state Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown said she has “been to a lot of reenacting and the reenacting does not tell the stories accurately.” What? Republican Rep. Dan Moul says it doesn’t make sense to not use a Confederate flag when reenacting Civil War battles. I’m with him.


This political correctness is nothing less than absurd, but because a small minority complains, the rest of the country has to bow down to their ridiculous, hysterical whims. To me, these attacks are also attacks on our freedom of speech and expression. It has to stop now before it’s too late, and all of our history, regardless of whether it is considered to be good or bad, is gone.




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4 thoughts on “More Absurdity

  1. You may well do lots of good but your adversaries are cultural Marxists, which means they have as a main part of their agenda the total destruction of your Southern culture and the Christian faith that is the foundation for it. They will not cease and desist in this effort and this truth is something we need to begin to grasp. Those people are out for the destruction of our culture and we had better be as willing to defend it as they are to destroy it.

  2. Eugene Wood on said:

    These people who are “DEGENERATES” that want to Destroy United States History are none other than “COMMUNISTS” all dressed up in sheep’s wool who call themselves “DEMOCRATS” that go around spreading their Leftist Socialistic Democratic Lies to anyone who will listen and lot’s of weak minded people do listen and get fooled by their give always and we’ll take care of you policies just you leave it to us and then they have you, now you have all become slaves to the Government and are no longer a free people, just look around you now you are all being watched by big Brother Government and at every street corner, “WAKE UP” before it’s too late for us all because there will be no return to “FREEDOM”-!!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Wood. I appreciate it very much, and I agree with you as well. What is happening I s a scary thing, in my opinion, and needs to be stopped.

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