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One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Strange Days Indeed


The big thing in the news lately is the discussion as to whether trans-gendered people can use the bathrooms they affiliate themselves with. This has understandably brought on a lot of controversy, although trans-gendered people have already been using bathrooms associated with the sex they identify themselves with for a long time. I must be naive because I didn’t realize there were so many trans-gendered people in the world that this should even be an issue. But LGBT rights are now very important – more important than this country’s health and poverty issues.


Another hot topic that just won’t go away is abortion. I thought this was resolved with Roe vs. Wade, but during every election, it becomes a debatable issue. Personally, I do have a problem with partial birth abortion. How is it even necessary when the morning after pill and numerous birth control methods are now available? I can’t fathom why a woman would wait so long before disposing of her fetus in such a horrendous manner. Again, is partial birth abortion so commonplace that it needs to be in the limelight?


My point is that, sure, the times they are a-changing, but is it for the good of all people? I was looking at movies on Amazon the other day, and was shocked to see how many pornographic flicks are available. Anyone can access them. And yet, the Confederate Battle Flag has been pulled from the site. How is it that the flag is offensive, but the other things I previously mentioned are not? The flag represents the struggles Confederate soldiers went through and the honor for which they fought, but it has been twisted into some evil replica of bondage. Sorry…it’s a battle flag. And how is it that Confederate monuments are now suddenly offensive? If these historic relics are being banned, then so should every other thing that is viewed as controversial. But if we are expected to accept controversial issues, then by all means, the flag should be accepted as well. As it is now, this country’s stance is both hypocritical and unacceptable.

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