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More Stone Mountain Controversy


This weekend, several lectures are scheduled to take place at Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta, Georgia. They are in response to the recent turn of events I wrote about concerning the placement of a monument to Martin Luther King Jr. on top of the mountain. The monument, proposed by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, would be a replica of the Liberty Bell, and would be called the “Freedom Bell.” Dr. King’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech would be included, as well as this inscription: “Let Freedom Ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.” The Stone Mountain Park Association approved the placement of the monument, but has received criticism for its decision.

The lecture series is being called “Confederate Heritage and the Fracturing of American Identity.” It will address the issue of abolishing Confederate symbols and monuments. Many people feel that it is inappropriate to place a MLK monument on Stone Mountain, which was legally designated as a Confederate memorial years ago. I, for one, agree with this notion. If this is allowed to happen, then in all fairness, Confederate flags should be placed at every Civil Rights monument.

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