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New Review

I just received a new review for my novel, A Beautiful Glittering Lie. Thank so much for the kind words! If you have read the book, please write a review. It will help boost my ratings on Amazon.

A Beautiful Glittering Lie Cover Art

(Written by Elaine B.)

How does a 16 year old boy react to his father donning the Confederate uniform to leave for war?  David could only wish he were going too and imagines what adventures his father will have.

The truth however, is quite different.  His father has to experience first hand the hardships and horrors of war.

“I never expected to see anything like this..!”

It’s a story that takes us back into the past to relive the feelings and emotions of the honest people who believed in the Confederacy and their desire to protect their families.

Descriptive bulletins accurately detail the war happenings so that the reader is filled in on the historical events as they are occurring.

I find it to be a well documented story of the Confederacy seen through the eyes of  the ordinary people who were forced to live through those terrible years

It is a well written account of a time in the States when history had to run its inevitable course

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