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SCV Wins Second Round

According to a recent article in the Sons of Confederate Veterans Magazine (Mar/Apr 2014), the Memphis City Council has lost the second round in their insistence on changing the names of three historical city parks. The article is as follows:

Memphis Parks Update

SCV wins 2nd round

In the second preliminary hearing on our lawsuit to save the Confederate parks in Memphis, Forrest Camp 215, and the Citizens to Save Our Parks, has prevailed in this round in court.

The SCV sought to enter additional information, documents and evidence against the city council, and the city fought to block or limit its entry. The Chancery Court judge, stating “facts are facts and I want to see it” ruled the SCV should indeed file a second Amended Complaint to have all of the evidence and documentation in one place. This has been done, and now we await a full hearing on the case.

The Memphis City Council has illegally attempted to rename the three Southern history parks: Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park, to innocuous and meaningless names. The SCV filed suit to block the name change and to restore the historic names. We appreciate the continued support of our fellow compatriots to stop this attempted erasure of our history. Forrest Camp 215, PO Box 11141, Memphis, TN 38111.

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  1. Patrick Broadway on said:

    We will not surrender our history, heritage, or culture… Nor our Heros!!!

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