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Civil War Event Highlighted in Mississippi


Recently, a month-long program in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War began at the M. R. Dye Library in Horn Lake, Mississippi, where I used to work. The event was well attended, regardless of the dreary weather. To kick off the living history events, a reenactment took place behind the library. Members of Mississippi and Tennessee infantry regiments, as well as cavalry troopers, arrived to demonstrate to the crowd what it was like to fight in the War Between the States. I’ve posted a few pictures for fun. I’d like to give a special shout out to Carson Culver for arranging the program, as well as my friends at the library and in the UDC and SCV. I miss y’all! And thanks very much for featuring my books (A Beckoning Hellfire and A Beautiful Glittering Lie – next to Jeff Shaara’s).




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4 thoughts on “Civil War Event Highlighted in Mississippi

  1. Tommy Ferguson on said:

    I sure would like a list of events of civil war in Horn Lake Miss area BEFORE they happen so I could attend. Please help me with this! E-mail address is fergusonjanet@bellsouth.net.
    Tommy Ferguson (great grandson of Samuel A. Hughey CSA).

    • Hi Mr. Ferguson,
      I’ve sent you an email. That is so great that you are a great grandson of Private Hughey! My husband belongs to that SCV camp, and we have lots of friends in the camp as well. Hope this helps.

      • Tommy Ferguson on said:

        Yes, this will help me a lot. I am so proud of my great grandfather and our family history, north and south. My father was a boat pilot for the Army Corp Vicksburg Dist. He and his boss asked the question” in all this low water we can see this large dark object on the bottom of the mouth of the Yazoo River” I wonder what it is? Well it was the USS CAIRO IRONCLAD. Thank you for your really quick response,this will mean a lot in the future.
        Thank you again,
        Tommy Ferguson.

  2. My pleaure! Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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