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Confederacy Reflected on Six States’ Flags

Following the Civil War, it was decided that each state should have a flag to represent itself, so in the late 1880’s the process began. Not surprisingly, many southern states chose to represent themselves with replicas of their beloved, albeit lost, Confederacy. Over the course of time, criticism and controversy have surrounded these states’ decisions, claiming that they are racist. The motto “Heritage Not Hate,” has received skepticism as to its sincerity, and whether it is a cover-up for racism underneath.

Alabama’s state flag is white with a red saltire cross, similar in design to the most recognizable flag of the Confederacy, the St. Andrews Cross, otherwise known as the Southern Cross. Florida also has a red saltire cross on its state flag. Mississippi has the only state flag that still bears the true replica of the Southern Cross. This design is in the upper left-hand corner, with the rest of the flag resembling the Stars and Bars. North Carolina also has a state flag that resembles the Stars and Bars, as does Texas, and Tennessee’s flag replicates the battle flag by its color scheme and design with a vertical bar on the fly that is reminiscent of the Stainless Banner. Two other states use similar colors in their flag designs: Arkansas and Missouri. Georgia received so much flack that it underwent numerous changes until finally deciding on a design that displays previous state flags.

It is fascinating to see how some state’s flags transformed over the years. Texas and Florida both started out with the Bonnie Blue Flag. Interestingly, California also had a lone star flag, although it was considered to be a part of the Union during the War Between the States.

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One thought on “Confederacy Reflected on Six States’ Flags

  1. Billy Bearden on said:

    California’s flag is an error. It was supposed to be a “Pear” but the person who stitched the original flag made a “Bear” instead.

    Georgia’s current state flag is based on the 27th Georgia Infantry Regiment Zachry Rangers flag

    Also please add 4 more flags to your list for accuracy:

    Maryland – The red and white part is the red cross botanee, and represents the Confederate soldiers from the Old Line State

    South Carolina – Current Flag was born After SC left the Union, and remains unchanged thru today

    Virginia – Flag born in April 1861 in Secession Convention, and it’s 1st four years was banner of the Confederate Old Dominion, and while artwork is altered to show Virtus is now defeated (exposed breast, spear tip in dirt) the essence is stil the same as in 1861

    Oklahoma – Flag is blue for Confederate Choctaw Brigade, and shield is from Confederate Osage Tribe

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