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Awesome Review!

I recently received a very flattering review that I wanted to share with you all. Getting reviews like these makes it all worth while!

“A Beautiful Glittering Lie is a wonderful read, as is the sequel A Beckoning Hellfire. There are two story lines in the book. One is of a young boy and his friend who, like all young men their age, dream of going off to fight in the American Civil War, but manage to find ways to get into trouble even though they cannot enlist. The other story line is of the father of one of the boys, and his close friend; both of whom enlist at the onset of the war. What really sets this book apart from the other Civil War literature is how personable it is. Most of the books written about the civil war follow characters like Lee, Chamberlain, and Grant. However, here we see a run-of-the-mill Johnny Reb, and we experience HIS reasons for fighting, HIS fears, and HIS obstacles. We also get a glimpse into what happened on the home front during the war.

“Peppered throughout the story are historical blurbs that let the reader know what’s going on. Just enough historical facts are given to let the reader know what is happening, but not so much that you feel you’re sitting through a lecture.

“I would recommend this book to everyone. I have been a living historian for a majority of my life, and I enjoyed this. If you’re someone who wants to check out a new reading topic, and are interested in learning more about the War Between the States, then it’s perfect for you. If you’re worried about reading what is sometimes called “Confederate Literature,” don’t. This book received honorable mention at the L.A. book fair. It is a wonderful story about a Man who loves his family and fights for what he believes in, and a story about a young man coming of age during what is arguably America’s darkest time.

“A note to parents of young men. There are very few books in the “Yong Adult” section that appeal to young men. Have you ever walked through it? 80% of it is stories about Vampire/Werewolf love affairs, 10% is stories that are almost entirely geared to young women, and the remaining 10% is the Hunger Games. If you want your teenage son to put down Call of Duty and Halo for a bit then get him this book and the Sequel. They’re not hard reads, and are filled with things young men love: mischief, fighting, and encounters with young women. They’re also not difficult reads so he won’t need an encyclopedia to understand the language or what’s going on.

“All in all A Beautiful Glittering Lie is a great read. Whether you’re looking to break into a new series, want to read more of the Civil War, or just need a new book to read by the pool or on your lunch break; odds are you’ll thoroughly enjoy this book.”

Thank you, Adam Klein, for sending this to me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words!

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