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Confederate Museum Under Attack

Recently, a merger was proposed which would involve the American Civil War Centre, the Museum of the Confederacy and the Virginia Historical Society. If this merger does in fact go through, the name “Museum of the Confederacy” will cease to exist.

This is just one more example of how a few narrow minded individuals strive to eradicate everything they don’t agree with and do not deem as “politically correct.” If they succeed in this plan, yet another significant piece of American history will be gone. It would also be extremely difficult to access records and artifacts, not to mention that these items would fall into the hands of those less amenable to the true recounting of Southern history.

Please email the President and CEO of the Museum of the Confederacy, Waite Rawls, and express your concerns about this possibility. His email address is wrawls@moc.org.

(A Special Thanks to Ian Dewar of the 290 Foundation)

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