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New Twist on an Old Story

I’ve seen several examples where a writer or producer changes history by retelling the story. Several recent examples include “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Little Women and Werewolves.” Granted, these are both Sci Fi examples, but there have been a lot of others over the course of the years. What if Hitler won WWII? What if aliens attacked cowboys? What if?

Here’s another example of a “what if” situation. Devin Nuhfer has directed and co-produced ‘The Confederation,’ a future web series set during the 1960’s in a world where the South won the American Civil War. The series will follow a squad of Confederate female snipers and a group of former slaves.

I checked out the Kickstarter campaign Devin has launched, and it’s pretty fascinating. He is trying to raise enough money to pay for the first season of episodes. See for yourself at:


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