J.D.R. Hawkins

One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Soldiers of a Foreign War

The death toll of the Civil War was recently increased from 620,000 to 850,000 because of miscalculations made in the 1870 census. Although this number is assumed to have been made up of American men, many foreigners fought in the War Between the States as well. The “Fighting 69th” was the nickname given to the infamous Irish Brigade. Germans, Britons, Scots, Persians, Mexicans, and American Indians also fought, as did men from nearly every other corner of the earth. Some of these soldiers returned to their native lands after bravely fighting for whichever side they chose.

Confederate grave markers dot the landscapes of these countries. The Sons of Confederate Veterans have camps in many of these locations, and strive to keep current records of veterans’ graves.

John Collier, Honorary Member of the 290 Foundation, and Commander of SCV Camp 2161, has been the primary contributor to this effort, along with a few others, by tracking down and recording graves that had become nearly lost and forgotten. His efforts have discovered several hundred graves throughout the U.K.alone. For more information, please visit:


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