J.D.R. Hawkins

One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Battle of Glorieta Pass

One hundred and fifty years ago, a unique battle took place during the Civil War that set it apart from the rest, because it took place out west. The Battle of Glorieta Pass took place inNew Mexico, which at that time, had not yet become a state. The battle was dubbed “theGettysburgof the West.”

In 1862, Confederate forces organized southern portions ofArizonaandNew Mexicoterritories. They intended to capture gold and silver mines inColoradoterritory andCalifornia, and seize control ofCaliforniaports.

Unionand Confederate forces clashed at Apache Junction, and fighting was intense throughout the first day of the battle on March 26. Reinforcements for both sides arrived the following day, and on March 28, Federal forces attacked the Confederates, comprised primarily of Texans.New MexicoandColoradoinfantry units managed to attack and destroy Confederate supply trains, which forced the Rebels to retreat further south. The battle was the turning point in the war in the New Mexican territory.

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