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Confederate Flag Banned (Here We Go Again)

Last week,  attorneys representing seven Lawrence County high school students filed a lawsuit against the district after they were suspended in October for displaying the Confederate flag at the homecoming parade. Most of them were wearing T-shirts adorned with the flag. Several black students complained.

“Don’t hate me because I’m black. I won’t hate you because you’re white. We ought to be able to get along and that is digging in old wounds, making people upset,” said African-American Barry Brackins.

The school superintendent was quoted as saying, “I hope that in the future we can help them understand what this means and use this as a learning experience, that this is not just a flag. That it is hurtful to some of those around them.”

This story seems typical of the ignorance displayed by today’s politically correct, except that this time, the students are fighting back by suing the school district. Because some of them are of Cherokee heritage, they are receiving attention by filing a lawsuit to remove the Confederate flag ban from Lawrence County schools. The plaintiffs claim that the school district is violating their civil and constitutional rights, and that the “X” on the Confederate flag is a religious symbol, used on the St. Andrews Cross. Therefore, the school district is denying them of their religious beliefs.

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