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Everything’s Better in Threes

A Beautiful Glittering Lie Cover Art 9780595908561

With the upcoming release of my new novel, my Civil War story about a family from Alabama will become a trilogy. When I wrote the first book, I had no intention of writing more along the same story line, but the books wrote themselves and the characters had more to tell. I started with one book, wrote a sequel, went back and wrote a prequel, and am now working on a fourth book, thus completing the Renegade Series. Who knows: I might even write a fifth book after that. We’ll see.


There have been many stories written that have become trilogies. Some of the more notable books are:

The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Divergent Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

North and South Trilogy


Some famous movie trilogies include:

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Back to the Future Trilogy

Indiana Jones Trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Toy Story Trilogy

Star Wars (the first three)


The Godfather Trilogy

Terminator Trilogy

There are many more, but these are some of my favorite trilogies. One interesting thing about writing a trilogy is keeping track of all the little details and nuances, and carrying them through to the end of the story. It is also delightful to weave in new threads and carry them throughout the story as well. I find that writing a trilogy and a series is both challenging and fun at the same time.



Recovery Time


Although Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, I’ll have to admit, it can be exhausting! I feel like I’m fighting off a cold or some other unknown disease after being around a bunch of sickies for the past few weeks, and all the calories I ingested are catching up. The decorations have all been taken down, leaving a void where they used to be for over a month. The gifts have all been opened, some returned, and others re-gifted: not from me but to me. Argh!

Now that the New Year is upon us, the snow and cold seem unrelenting and endless. Next week it will be a high of three degrees here. Three degrees! Argh! I feel like I need another vacation to come off of this vacation. I hear the Bahamas are nice this time of year. If only… sigh.


One thing I did manage to complete was the line edits for my latest novel. Because of the holidays, it took me longer than I anticipated, but now the task is accomplished and I’m looking forward to the next phase in the publishing process. This book is the third in a series I’ve written, titled the Renegade Series, which makes the story a trilogy so far. I’ll write more about this in my next blog post.


Getting back on track can be difficult. I’m sure I can do it, but some people have trouble. They experience profound depression this time of year, so please reach out to those who might need your help. A New Year means new opportunities. I’m excited about what the future holds!

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