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Book Signing With the SCV


Last Thursday evening, I had the privilege of being invited to Ripley, Mississippi to meet members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #868, the “Tippah Tigers,” where I gave a discussion about my new novel, A Beautiful Glittering Lie. I had the most wonderful time meeting these folks, who were very hospitable and accommodating.

After being fed a hearty meal of vegetable soup and chili, the meeting commenced, and I discussed my motivation for writing the book, as well as the series of which it is a part. I explained how I came up with the characters, and how the book is based on a diary written by a member of the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Afterward, I was invited to sign copies for members.

Thank you very much, Tippah Tigers, for your kind invitation. I hope we get the chance to meet again in the near future!

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