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Live Radio Interview


Last week, I was featured on ArtistFirst, a radio program that spotlights artists and authors. It’s a bit ironic that my discussion with the interviewer included the destruction and/or removal of Confederate monuments. Since then, several events have taken place in the assault against Confederate monuments. Here is a link to the interview:



Horses in Gray Cover

Our discussion focused on my new book, Horses in Gray. This is my first non-fiction book, and highlights Confederate warhorses. Here is the purchase link for the book:



Please support me on Patreon. It is very similar to Kickstarter, but it is an ongoing sponsorship. I would be eternally grateful for your support! Anything you give will be rewarded with fun gifts! You can commit to as little as $1 a month. Here is the link:


I Have New Patrons!


I’m so excited to announce the launch of my brand new Patreon page. And I already have some new patrons! Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. Here’s a video that explains more about what Patreon does.

I really hope you’ll find it in your heart to support me. It takes a lot to get published, let alone market, sell and promote books, so I hope you will check out my Patreon page. Any little bit helps. Thanks so much!


Holy Buckets!


This past week has been crazy busy! I learned on Friday that my new nonfiction book is slated for release in June. I’m also re-releasing my first two books in the Renegade Series because I’m switching publishers. I just finished proofing one galley and now it’s on to the next. Plus I’m trying to get as many interviews and reviews as I can for A Rebel Among Us. Don’t be shy! If you would like a copy to review, please let me know and I’ll send you a free e-book right away! (Just tell me if you need it in Mobi or ePub.)


Now for the big news: I started a Patreon page! It’s sort of like crowd-funding (Kickstarter, Go Fund Me) but with a twist. On Patreon, you are giving your support on an ongoing basis. You can pledge as little as $1 a month, which will be a tremendous help to me! Plus, you get loads of free stuff, and exclusive behind-the-scenes posts shown only to you! I’m only asking for your support because I know you are kind and want to help me succeed. You can also use it as a tax write-off! Please follow the link below to learn more about Patreon and why I’m asking for your help. Thank you so much!




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