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A Tragic Loss

I usually don’t share personal things like this, but a friend of my husband’s and mine passed just a few days ago. He was a compatriot of my husband’s SCV camp, and he was the husband of my dear friend, who is the ex-president of my UDC chapter.


Mr. Sam McGan was a ¬†person who had a witty sense of humor and loved everyone. He especially loved his Southern Confederate heritage. With Sam’s passing, he will leave a void in all our hearts who knew him. He was a wonderful man, husband, father and grandfather, and he was very passionate about his beliefs. He was a strong Christian and loved his Southern roots. I’m sorry we can’t be in Memphis this weekend to express our condolences. God bless you, Sam. You were a remarkable man, and you will be sorely missed.

Rebels Ride a Huge Success


Last Saturday, a rally was held at the Mississippi State Capitol Building in Jackson to show support for the Confederate battle flag.


Rally goers gathered on the steps and quietly demonstrated their loyalty to the flag while “Dixie” played in the background.


The mechanized cavalry rode through the streets of Jackson to display their devotion toward the South.


All in all, it was a fun-filled, patriotic event. More rallies are scheduled this summer, so please stay tuned!

(Special thanks to Clay Pruett for the photographs.)

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