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Guest Post by Sarah Millar

As I have stated in the post, I like to give other bloggers a chance to get their work published. Here is another example. I hope you find this article interesting and informative.

“Best tips for choosing a carpet cleaning company”

Carpets are the foundation of your living space. They are your children’s play area. Keeping carpet clean in a busy, busy environment, apart from spilled juice, colored spots and traces of mud, can be a very challenging goal to live with a working mom or dad. That’s why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company might be your best option. When you need help cleaning your carpet, you need help from a professional carpet cleaner, instead of being taken to the cleaning department! It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a professional carpet cleaning company.
Below are some pointers to help you choose the right company when you need carpet cleaning.

1. Make sure the company offers chemical-free cleaners as an alternative to the standard harsh chemicals typically used when cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning takes skill and patience, as well as strong solvents and cleaners, but when the kids are indoors, or you’ve decided it’s time to get more in tune with nature, rather than the must-have eco-cleaning options.

2. Research carpet cleaning point cook company websites and look for testimonials, and look for testimonials on other sites as well. A new company may not be able to offer you an extensive website or testimonial to showcase the work they’ve done, but don’t count it, now is the time for lots of new companies to pop up and offer great service at a discount. But if possible, research the carpet cleaning company website and other testimonials to see what other people have to say about the company.

3. Check if the cleaning company you wish to hire is certified. Certification assures you that they have the experience, knowledge and professional integrity in seeking a certification program and taking the steps necessary to certify their company. A certified company is a better choice than your factory standard corner carpet cleaner.

4. Ask a carpet cleaning company if they have any clients you can call and ask about the services they perform. This is an extensive step in choosing a carpet cleaner, but it’s one to consider. Your carpet is a valuable item in your home, and if you can at least talk to other people who have had good experience with these carpet cleaning companies, you can feel confident that you probably have them.

5. Check the warranty. Not all cleaning companies have warranties, so check to make sure they offer at least some kind of guarantee or promise. A quality company should be able to make sure that your rugs are clean and they should be able to stand behind their word.

When you need a good company to clean your carpets, be sure to check the above checklist and make sure that the company you are questioning with can pass all the tests. If the company you wish to hire can pass all of these tests, then they are probably a worthy company for your time and consideration.

Guest Post by Julian Lane

Occasionally, I like to feature fellow bloggers on my site. Although these blog posts typically discuss other topics than what I usually write about or feature, I still post them to give other writers a chance to be seen. This article is very interesting, and since my husband and I recently downsized, I thought you might be interested as well.


8 Common Mistakes People Make When Downsizing Homes

As a society, we are shifting away from the “more is better” mentality that had us all looking for huge homes with unlimited storage space. In the face of piles of clutter and huge maintenance costs, downsizing to a smaller home has started to look like the best solution. 

Downsizing is not as hard as it seems, but getting it right can be tricky. Whether you are a family seeking simplicity, a senior planning their golden years, or a millennial who wants to embrace minimalism, here are the mistakes to avoid when you decide to downsize. 

Waiting Too Long

The longer you put downsizing off, the more money, time, and effort you will sink into a home you will have to move out of eventually. Signs that you should downsize include having a lot of unused space, home maintenance being overwhelming or unmanageable, a loved one getting older, or simply a desire to enjoy a simpler life. 

Expecting to Make Money

In the long run, downsizing will absolutely save you money on bills and maintenance. However, there are costs you need to consider, like moving, renovations, and HOA fees. You may also soon realize that smaller homes are not necessarily cheaper, especially in bigger cities. 

Not Considering Other Options

This is mainly an issue for seniors, who immediately assume downsizing to a smaller home is the best option for them. However, downsizing to an assisted living facility can also be a great choice, especially if they require some extra care. If you or a loved one are thinking of downsizing due to age, do tour a few local facilities to see if it could be for you. Bear in mind that the median cost of assisted living in Colorado is $49,140, so some facilities may not be in your budget. What’s also important is that you find a place that’s safe, secure, and suitable for your lifestyle.

Not Getting Rid of Enough Stuff

Many people are not selective enough when decluttering, which leads to cramming too much stuff into a smaller space. Not only will the house feel cramped, stressful, and unpleasant, but the clutter also poses a serious health risk, especially in the case of downsizing seniors. Specific clutter zones to watch out for include closets and cabinets, piles of paper under the bed, and things like shoes in hallways, which can cause you to trip and fall. 

Expecting the Same Furniture to Fit

Similarly, many people don’t consider how their furniture will look in a smaller home. Chances are it won’t all fit. Even if it technically fits, it may look clunky and out of proportion, or it may crowd the space (which, again, is dangerous for seniors). A free online digital room planner like Planner 5D can be an invaluable tool at this stage.  

Not Having a Decluttering Strategy 

A decluttering strategy is the most important element of staying motivated and on track. There are countless plans out there covering different approaches: a certain number of items a day, room by room, or just 15 minutes a day. Pick something that works with your moving and downsizing timeline, but give yourself plenty of time to accomplish these tasks. 

Not Having a Follow-Through Plan

Once you have finished sorting, you still have to actually sell, donate, or toss your items, and it is easy to lose momentum. Don’t let those boxes pile up, and have a plan for exactly how they will reach their intended destination. An easy solution is to get the things picked up — several charities offer this service, including Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. 

Doing It Alone

Decluttering is a lot of hard work, so make sure you get some help. For instance, if your aging parent is downsizing, get all the family to help out. Alternatively, you could get help from a pro. A professional organizer will make the whole process a whole lot easier, but be prepared to pay around $30 to $80 an hour for the help. 

More and more people are seeing the value of smaller, simpler homes, which are easier to maintain, cheaper to live in, and suited to a more streamlined lifestyle. If you think downsizing could be for you, don’t hesitate to get started, but do take a moment to plan things out. You won’t regret downsizing, but you might regret rushing into it.

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