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Hunley Crewman Revealed

According to the 290 Foundation (290admin@onetel.com), one of the crew members aboard the doomed Confederate submarine, the Hunley, has been identified. The following describes new information received about one of the crewmen, along with an identifying photograph.

Joseph Ridgaway, one of the eight crewmen aboard the Hunley, who went down with the sub soon after sinking a Union war ship in 1864, may have a photograph to go with his name and remains.­ A copy of a 2½-by-3½-inch tintype photograph, believed to date to about 1860, is in the process of being examined by members of the Friends of the Hunley in Charleston, S.C., where the submarine, raised in 2000 off the coast of Charleston, is being conserved.
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Hunley Exposed!

I recently posted several blogs about the infamous CSS Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy warship. The sub was used by the Confederacy during the Civil War, but sadly, as soon as it completed its successful mission, it sank, and remained at the bottom of Charleston Harbor for over 100 years.

Thanks to author Clive Cussler and a team of researchers, the Hunley was discovered in a bed of silt. After bringing the vessel back up to the surface and transporting it to a holding facility, the remains of the Confederate crewmen inside were laid to rest in 2004 during a military ceremony.

Last Thursday, the world got its first unobstructed view of the Hunley since the Civil War. It took 12 years, from the time it was discovered until now, to get to this point. Hopefully, the vessel will be put on public display soon.

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