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Here is another post that I hope you will enjoy. Anything to get our minds off the election, right? I know I’m frustrated by it! I hope you enjoy.

7 Great Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozier and Prettier

Your bedroom should ideally be the most comfortable space in your house.

It’s a given.

After all, this is where you spend most of your time. After a tiring day outdoors, it’s in your bedroom where you can unwind, relax, and reboot yourself.

But, most people end up sacrificing comfort when they try to raise the aesthetic level.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Your bedroom can be both cozy and pretty at the same time.

Let’s look at seven great ways to make your bedroom cozier and prettier.

1. Reposition Your Bed

Your bed does not necessarily have to lean against a wall.

If your bedroom is large enough, consider moving your bed near a window to create a cozy reading spot.

2. Cover a Wall with Tapestries

Tapestries don’t cost a fortune and can help make a bold statement.

You can easily find a tapestry that matches your taste and style at an online home décor store.

You can have one on the wall behind the bed.

Tapestries can also be placed alongside the artwork on the focal wall in your bedroom.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Get rid of furniture items that you don’t really need in a bedroom. This is especially important if you have a small bedroom.

Can a desk double up as a nightstand? If yes, you can create some empty space in your bedroom.

Opt for furniture items with hidden storage space. This way, you can hide away various items such as your laptop/phone adapter, magazines, hairpins, etc. to create a more coherent look.

Remember, a cluttered space is neither comfortable nor pretty.

4. Add Some Plants

Plants can make a bedroom feel alive.

They don’t just brighten up the space but also offer numerous health benefits.

Plants can help relieve stress and purify the air.

In low light conditions, some of the best plants for a bedroom include Peace lily, English ivy, and Philodendron.

In bright-light conditions, you can opt for plants such as parlor Palm, Pothos, and Scented Geranium.

Plants such as Jasmine, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant are known to improve the quality of sleep.

Experienced designers know how to use plants and artwork to add personality to a living space. You just have to be a little creative to do the same.

5. Pick the Right Color Scheme to Make Your Bedroom More Restful

A bedroom’s color scheme shouldn’t be too bright or too dull.

It is also advisable to avoid high contrast in colors.

To balance comfort level and aesthetic appeal, opt for ‘warm neutrals.’

With earthy blues, browns, beiges, and light-to-mid-tone greys, you can create a color scheme that blends well with pillows, rugs, curtains, etc.

6. Get an Area Rug

An area rug won’t just keep your feet cozy but also add personality to your bedroom.

There is no dearth of options in colors, patterns, and textures. So, you can show off your style while elevating the comfort level of your bedroom.

From an expensive antique Persian rug to a low-cost minimalist piece, you can buy one that you can afford right now. But, you need one in your bedroom. It’s one of the must-have accessories in any home.

Invest in a high-pile area wool rug if possible. They don’t cost much and feel great around a bed.

An area rug can literally help define the space. It can be used to anchor the bed or a piece of custom-designed upholstery and tie together different furniture items to create a more finished look.

Needless to mention, area rugs help protect your floors as well.

7. Include As Many Warm, Natural Materials as Possible

Warm, natural materials can make any living space feel cozier and prettier.

From linen and wool to wicker, stone, geodes, and wood, you can add some or all of them to add coziness to your bedroom.

Final Words

Besides the tips shared above, you can also increase the flow of natural light in your bedroom. You will be amazed at how natural light can brighten up space and make it appear more comfortable during the day time.

You may also want to change up the lighting. Replace an old traditional lamp and consider installing recessed fixtures, sconces, or pendants.

If you like to read books, magazines, etc. before you go to sleep each night, consider installing a reading lamp on one side of the bed. 

Author Bio

Michelle is an interior designer at Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery with over 20 years experience in fabric and custom window treatments. She offers clients in Southern California a new experience in traditional and modern design. 


Guest Post by Sarah Millar

As I have stated in the post, I like to give other bloggers a chance to get their work published. Here is another example. I hope you find this article interesting and informative.

“Best tips for choosing a carpet cleaning company”

Carpets are the foundation of your living space. They are your children’s play area. Keeping carpet clean in a busy, busy environment, apart from spilled juice, colored spots and traces of mud, can be a very challenging goal to live with a working mom or dad. That’s why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company might be your best option. When you need help cleaning your carpet, you need help from a professional carpet cleaner, instead of being taken to the cleaning department! It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a professional carpet cleaning company.
Below are some pointers to help you choose the right company when you need carpet cleaning.

1. Make sure the company offers chemical-free cleaners as an alternative to the standard harsh chemicals typically used when cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning takes skill and patience, as well as strong solvents and cleaners, but when the kids are indoors, or you’ve decided it’s time to get more in tune with nature, rather than the must-have eco-cleaning options.

2. Research carpet cleaning point cook company websites and look for testimonials, and look for testimonials on other sites as well. A new company may not be able to offer you an extensive website or testimonial to showcase the work they’ve done, but don’t count it, now is the time for lots of new companies to pop up and offer great service at a discount. But if possible, research the carpet cleaning company website and other testimonials to see what other people have to say about the company.

3. Check if the cleaning company you wish to hire is certified. Certification assures you that they have the experience, knowledge and professional integrity in seeking a certification program and taking the steps necessary to certify their company. A certified company is a better choice than your factory standard corner carpet cleaner.

4. Ask a carpet cleaning company if they have any clients you can call and ask about the services they perform. This is an extensive step in choosing a carpet cleaner, but it’s one to consider. Your carpet is a valuable item in your home, and if you can at least talk to other people who have had good experience with these carpet cleaning companies, you can feel confident that you probably have them.

5. Check the warranty. Not all cleaning companies have warranties, so check to make sure they offer at least some kind of guarantee or promise. A quality company should be able to make sure that your rugs are clean and they should be able to stand behind their word.

When you need a good company to clean your carpets, be sure to check the above checklist and make sure that the company you are questioning with can pass all the tests. If the company you wish to hire can pass all of these tests, then they are probably a worthy company for your time and consideration.

Guest Post by Alex Altuhov

I frequently spotlight guest posts by other bloggers, giving them the opportunity to gain an additional audience, as well as expanding my own audience with different topics. Home improvement subjects are a favorite topic of mine, since my husband and I are in the process of remodeling our home, and he is in the process of acquiring a real estate license. I hope you enjoy this article!

Description: Are you looking for a way to install fancy kitchen lighting? We have prepared six steps to help you. Read on to find out how to transform your kitchen lighting from ordinary to spectacular. 

6 Steps to a Fancy Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the holy place in any house. People spend there the majority of their time. Just think about it: we cook, eat, chat, host parties, pay bills, do homework in the kitchen. Multifunctional space requires the appropriate solutions in terms of kitchen lighting. But don’t rush searching for light installation NYC services. Start from investigating what awaits you. Here are six steps on the way to modern kitchen lighting.

  1. Plan Lighting When You Sign off Kitchen Drawings

The main message is that you should plan lighting in advance. That’s the foremost life hack from all kitchen lighting tips. The best time is when you are signing off kitchen drawings. After that, your choices will be limited. At the stage of planning, it’s better to focus on the main zones and types of lighting rather than pendants and fixtures.

  1. Think Through Task Lighting

Task lighting is essential for the main zones: food preparation, washing, dining. The main goal is to provide enough amount of light. Especially, you should pay attention to under-cabinet and over island lighting. These are the main zones where you are going to cook and spend plenty of time. According to the Statista, almost half of the US citizens were happy to spend 30-60 minutes cooking a weekend meal.

  1. Don’t Forget About Accents

Accent lighting is responsible for an interesting visual effect. It emphasizes design or architectural details. One of the common examples is lighting along shelves or in cabinets. Traditional kitchen lighting ideas include lighting from beneath. 

Another interesting option is to add some light to the top of the cabinets to create a great sense of dimension. All in all, you can be really creative here and let your imagination out. 

  1. Finally, Ambient Lighting

Although it doesn’t affect the amount of lighting in the main zones, this type of lighting completes the ensemble. It’s responsible for the overall ambiance and atmosphere. Here, you should consider pendants, chandeliers, and recessed lighting. 

The smart combination of ambient lighting options contributes to creating a dynamic layering of light. Furthermore, it influences the overall mood in your kitchen. It fills the gaps, which remain after you set up the accent and task lighting. 

  1. Decorative Lighting Time Has Come

Decorative lighting is more about interior design and overall style rather than providing an adequate amount of light. A typical design solution is to install pendants or chandeliers above a dining area or kitchen island. You can establish it lower than other types of lighting to create layers and make your kitchen look visually attractive.

  1. What about the “Controls”

Controls should be placed in accessible areas. You have to think through their position in advance. On the final stage, choose the desirable controls. For example, it will be really nice to have one with a dimming feature.

As you see, there is nothing complicated in the kitchen lighting layout. The basic rule is to provide enough light for main zones and complement it with the accent, ambient, and decorative lighting.

Guest Blog – Ceiling Decorations

As an author, I appreciate when other writers approach me and ask if their articles can be featured on my blog. I’m happy to oblige, because I understand they are trying to build their portfolio, gain experience, complete a class project, etc. Here is a guest post written by Emily (no last name given). She describes herself as being “very passionate about exploring and writing about Home Improvement, Roof inspection, Construction and Home Design Trends.” I hope you enjoy it.

12 Attractive Ceiling Decoration Ideas You Should Try for Your Home Design


We’ve heard it said that the ceiling would be your fifth wall of the room. And most folks maintain them plain, paint them white, and forget about these. Ceiling decorations are the last thing on our heads when remodeling a room. However, I really do not want to overlook the ceilings in my home. I don’t want them to own extravagant designs; however they indeed are a terrific chance to add some attention, color, and customization to some residence. Honestly, I really like my bathroom ceiling so far. I thought it would seem right that I’d do every room of the house.

Unfortunately, I think that it would be overly much (although I do wonder if maybe I will replicate it in a single room, the music room, or perhaps the hallway). I’ve been attempting to find some other ceiling decoration ideas I can utilize within other rooms in my home. I have come across so many astonishing ceiling decorations and interior drywall repair in the process. I thought I should pass them along for you in case these receive your creative juices flowing for your home, although a great deal of these wouldn’t work in my residence.

  1. Stylish Stripes

Stripes on walls can be eye-catching, but painted on a ceiling, they have been sure to require attention. White lines and sage green highlight the ceiling inside the master bedroom.

  1. Stained Plywood Slat Ceiling

Since I started my bathroom ceiling, let’s begin with it.  This is hands down my beloved of all the ceiling decorations I’ve ever accomplished. 

I felt it might make the room feeling dark and cave-like.  It has had the reverse effect, in my belief. The ceiling in the room always is higher than eight feet.  I genuinely intend to do this in every room. I won’t, but I would like to.

  1. Leader Board

The mix of blue planks on the ceiling and the cabinetry in the kitchen creates a coastal-chic vibe. Both the two armchairs covered in a blue-and-white upholstery that is complementary tie the elements.

  1. Hanging Lamps

Lamps really are a cosmetic element for ceilings. They are suspended long-lasting to decorate this region of the space, and it is possible to find lots of different types. Nowadays, since the ceiling ribbon is booming, they indeed are much larger and are often hanging. For this, you need to bear in mind when decorating high ceilings, that they’re going to appear suitable.

  1. Wallpapered Ceiling

I’ve always wanted to wallpaper a ceiling, but I frankly don’t see if I have the patience for it. I have never done it before, but I would imagine as the adhesive dries, the paper might have to be momentarily tacked to the ceiling. Does everybody know? In any event, if you have got the patience (and neck as well as arm strength) for it, then it can look pretty amazing.

  1. Magical Molding

Perhaps adding a little texture to it instead of color might be for you personally if you still like a ceiling. The geometrical molding of the room adds appeal and connects at a similar pattern to the sliding doors.

  1. Plants and Flowers

Lamps are not the only real means to decorate ceilings. Flowers and plants are popular these days for decorating all types of areas, including vertical gardens for ceilings and walls. This trend is seen by us any place in the shops of the cities, which is also gaining traction for both other spaces and offices.

However, what sort of plants and flowers are for decorating ceilings, right? You could also hang perpendicular gardens from the ceiling, hanging plants, or use moss. We’ll show you ceiling decoration with dangling potted plants and lamps. The industrial-style decoration is incredible!

  1. Go Green

If your pop-up store has a ceiling structure such as sticks or metal beams as you want, it will be perfect for hanging other greenery and plants – as little or as much. From artificial ivy to Spanish moss, a grassy “air plant” that clings to the iron cord and does not need soil is a perfect choice for space.

  1. Iron Sculptures

Sculptures made from iron and other substances are a desirable solution for decorating ceilings. Various sculptures can be made depending upon the decorative style, using different materials. It’s striking and innovative, although it’s a little-used option for decoration. It’s just another notion as it’s original, we adore. Here we’ll show you the result of this kind of ceiling decoration in a Madrid restaurant. The appearance is impressive, don’t you think?

  1. Metal Ceilings

Besides, we provide some metal ceiling design thoughts assembled for you. The cool thing about them is they mostly are made of those matters that imitate metal; therefore, it isn’t that hard or expensive to execute these ideas in real life.

  1. Photos and Readymade Art

Banishing the white and covering popcorn ceilings up is also easier than ever. Large prints could be installed, ceilings can be printed with graphics and illustrations, and wallpapers with large designs can span the entire space.

Based on art or the photo, the ceiling can become the focus of a room or keep the design from floor to ceiling for a fully immersive experience. Consider using stained timber that is used as trim, your vintage map print, or art prints using abstract shapes or patterns. All may do the job with a modern vibe.

Event places or some galleries might already come with a ceiling that is decorated. It could be you decided to rent that space. If not, then a pre-existing or dangling system that is adhesive provides a frame out of which to display items that are lighting.

  1. Non-Traditional Color

White may be the safest neutral in the block, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to stick with it. Bold, bright choices could undoubtedly become the focus to draw the attention upwards in a place with dimensions. Bring down the color choice to the walls area solution to visually enlarge the room’s size.

A ceiling could pull together elements in a sense that walls will otherwise slip the focus from, instead of working in, harmony. A darker or lighter color pulled from the room’s décor can brighten up space, even though life can be added by using a color complementary to a floor.


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