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Farewell to Freedom?


After watching the vice-presidential debate this evening, I feel it is more important than ever that we vote to defend our rights. Since 911, it seems the government has persistently whittled away at our freedoms. I understand going to extreme measures in order to secure our safety, but the recent attacks on freedom of speech and expression definitely surpass these measures. The following article about a game that took place a couple of weeks ago between Ole Miss and Alabama shows just how dangerous this political correctness is becoming.


BREAKING: “Police Confiscate Flags, ‘Dixie’ signs at game. Threaten Arrest.” University of Mississippi – 9/17/2016

“Students attending the Ole Miss v. Alabama football game this Saturday at the University of Mississippi reported police confiscating Mississippi State flags and ‘Let the Band Play Dixie’ posters within Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. University Police Officers were quoted by students as saying they were, ‘ordered to take all state flags and [‘Let the Band Play Dixie’] posters,’ that their orders came, ‘from the top,’ and that they would use their, ‘right to arrest,’ those who did not comply. United States flags and non-Mississippi State flag or Dixie related posters were not confiscated.
Our friends at the “Our State Flag Foundation” report that while they have no clue who organized the giant flag unveiling, it has led to a HUGE spike in on-campus membership, which has been steadily growing in the weeks since they were admitted as an official student group and were allowed to set up a table at the Student Union.
In addition, students are starting to speak out, with TWO excellent letters published recently in the DAILY MISSISSIPPI:
“Today at the game, my younger brother had a (Mississippi State) flag in his pocket walking in. A woman saw it, asked him if it was an American flag, then made him unravel it and took it when she saw it was a state flag. That’s absolutely ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the fact that we have to smuggle the state flag into home games. Welcome to the dream school of Jeff Vitter , the University of Nowhere.” ~ Jack Vincent
(Article courtesy of Dixie Heritage Newsletter, 9/30/16 ed.)

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