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Civil War Events Vamping Up

Now that the sesquicentennial is in full swing, many events have begun to mark this momentous occasion, and more are on their way. Last Saturday, the reenactment of President Jefferson Davis’ inauguration took place in Montgomery, Alabama. Much thought and detail went into the event in an effort to make it as authentic as possible.

Within the next few months, other reenactments will take place, including the first shots fired at Ft. Sumpter, which marked the beginning of the War Between the States. The first major battle, Bull Run, or Manassas, will be reenacted later this year, as will the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in Missouri.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the History Channel will launch a week-long event later this year to pay homage to the Civil War. The network will include specials, episodes of their regular series featuring Civil War themes, and a four-year national education campaign. 

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