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Civil War Land Saved

The Civil War Trust recently made an announcement during a news conference at historic Belle Grove Plantation. Its latest campaign is to raise $1.8 million for battlefield restoration. Specifically, two areas on the Cedar Creek Battlefield in Frederick County,Virginia will be targeted. The properties are located at opposite ends of the battlefield.

One of the areas includes 12.5 acres at the Vermont Monument site, where an early morning Confederate attack surprised the Federals. Outnumbered by 10 to 1, Union soldiers met the Rebel advance and held their ground for half an hour. The 8th Vermont lost 110 of its 164 men.

The other area encompasses 64.5 acres located at Rienzi’s Knoll, where Union General Philip Sheridan arrived after riding his horse, Rienzi, thirteen miles, just in time to save the day. The ride was later immortalized in a poem, and Rienzi was renamed Winchester.

The battle took place on October 19, 1864. It was a decisive victory for the Union, and clinched Abraham Lincoln’s reelection.

For more info, visit: www.civilwar.org/campaign 150

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