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More Five-Star Reviews for A Beautiful Glittering Lie

My novel, A Beautiful Glittering Lie, has received more five-star reviews! This is the first book in the Renegade Series, which tells the story of a family from north Alabama, and how the Civil War impacts them. Thank you so much, Jeannine Wickliffe and Anne-Marie Goyette, for your fantastic reviews!

Loved this story of one family’s life during the Civil War from the Confederate side. The Summer’s family lives in Alabama and the father joins the Confederate Army. I greatly appreciate that even though a work of fiction the author makes sure that historical accuracy is given on specific events. The author brings out fact that even though emancipation proclamation was given after war started it only freed slaves in Confederate states and not Union states. The author provides many details that are overlooked by today’s history. This book should be read by all high schools.

This book takes you back in time. You feel the effects the Civil War had on families. You enjoy this well written book as the characters and the time setting come to life.

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