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Beyond Bizarre

Can they come up with more ridiculousness? I mean, really? And more importantly, when will this craziness end? First, the Dixie Chicks change their name to the Chicks, and now this. It’s almost laughable, except that they’re serious.

Dixie State University in Utah has elected to change its name because of the word Dixie’s association with slavery.
Mark Atkins commented that:

“This is beyond silly and would be akin to rejecting the word ‘Cuba’ because of its association with communism, or ‘Germany’ because of its association with Nazism.

“Or would it? In truth communism has so bled Cuba of vitality and relevance as to eliminate it as a threat. And of all the places in the world where Nazism might be reborn, Germany would be near the bottom of the list.

“But the South remains a real and present danger to the progress of Progressivism, and thus all Southern words, symbols, emblems, and anything uniquely associated with the South must be defined, then removed, and ultimately forgotten.

Southerners, with all of their opinions, notions, and instinctive inclination to oppose them, represent a power that the Left still fears. Thus even a word as sweet as Dixie must be erased.

“That we inspire such fear in our enemies may almost be taken as a compliment.

(Article courtesy of the Dixie Heritage Newsletter, Aug. 20 ed.)

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3 thoughts on “Beyond Bizarre

  1. David Ringo on said:

    Will never end……..like sheep over the cliff…….a stupid mindless futures we have

  2. Frank McCarthy on said:

    Is there a greater name for a roadway than the “Dixie Highway”.
    Why does not the progressive purge do some creative by adding to the ‘equation’ *to America’s well-being and bringing us together instead of dumping a whole basketful of resentments instead of the removal of all themes of historical import?

    • Thanks for your comment, Mr. McCarthy. I completely agree. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. The people there have a belief that we should all “hang loose,” and that we are all family and all cousins. It’s too bad the mainland doesn’t have that laid back, accepting philosophy as well.

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