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Vandalism Backfires

I love this article! I am so sick and tired of hearing about historically ignorant people destroying monuments. This time, the joke’s on you!

The statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee on Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue has been vandalized.

Red paint was splattered on the statue’s base. The letters BLM, an apparent reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, was also sprayed on the base.

Virginia Capitol Police, which is responsible for policing the monuments, told news outlets the vandalism occurred late Friday or early Saturday between patrols.

Within just a few hours of discovering the desecration Saturday morning, cleaning crews arrived on the scene and began working to remove the red paint. By 1:00 pm, clean up was proceeding and our folks on the scene reported that the paint was coming off nicely. Capitol police reported to us that they had collected evidence and an investigation was underway.

This type of violent criminal activity by monument haters only proves to accentuate the real difference between us and them and helps bring more and more citizens to our side. Our folks, who remained on the scene, working with Capitol Police and the cleaning crew throughout the day, reported that most citizens who came by expressed disgust and anger at the vandalism.

By 3:30 pm, less than 10 hours after the vandalism was discovered, crews were putting the finishing touches on the clean up and the result was amazing.

The columns are now bright and shining like new! Almost makes us want to send a note of appreciation to the vandals. Because of them, the monument got a fresh cleaning and looks better than ever!

And on a similar note…
Virginia Task Force, Dixie Defenders, and CSA II have two events planned along Monument Avenue in Richmond.

The first event is on August 19 from 12-4 p.m. at the Jefferson Davis Monument, following the Monument Avenue Commission’s recommendation that the monument be removed.

The second event is planned for September 15.

Monument supporters are encouraged folks to bring flags but flags on poles and signs on sticks are not allowed.


(Article courtesy of Dixie Heritage Newsletter, August 10, 2018 ed.)

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20 thoughts on “Vandalism Backfires

  1. We don’t have to worry about vandals. The worst CRIMINALS are the politicians. They.are the true criminals who will do anything for temporary political gain. Percieved or real.

    • I have to agree with you to a certain extent, Mr. Bacot. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of seedy politicians! Thank you so much for your comment.

      • Marty Bohannon on said:

        Their was a BLM protest yesterday at Lee Davis HS, just NE of Richmond. BLM protestors were filmed cursing and show obscene jesters to bystanders. Teachers from the school were seen marching with protestors and used Facebook to try and get bystanders fired from their job at the school. This protest was over BLM, NAACP, and Democrats trying to change the name of the school that has had its name for over 50 Years. These protestors are trying to destroy the education system in Hanover County as well as remove History. This county has Colonial History as well as civil war history and is considered by millions to be sacred ground. Please stop this mob from destroying our education system as well as our History.

      • I am appalled by all the destruction as well, Marty. It deeply disturbs me. President Trump just declared that destroying statues and monuments is illegal, and I think it’s long overdue. What kind of country has the police stand down to allow this destruction? We should all cherish our heritage, and yes, some of it is offensive by today’s standards, but that’s what brought us to where we are today. It should never be destroyed, erased, or forgotten. Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. robert chavarria on said:

    Should take them down.They lost.

    • The monuments are a testament to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives. Yes, they lost the war, but they also lost so much more. These are American war veterans, and were designated as such. The monuments are a sacrament to all the lives lost, to so many young men who thought it was an adventure and had no idea what a war really was, let alone a war that divided our country. Most people were naive about the intricacies of politics at that time, and there were many in this country who were still illiterate. Taking down the monuments is taking away our history, and is a serious mistake to make. Historical examples include Marxist and Nazi ideologies, and there are many more. If we remove our history, we are nothing. And now they (I’m not sure who, but somebody is) have attacked all our historical monuments and cherished relics. So if Confederate monuments are removed, then it bleeds into taking down ALL monuments, and where does it end? Thank yo so much for your comment, Mr Chavarria.

      • Kyle Heckman on said:

        You’re right. Coming from a Yankee, leave the monuments stand and proudly for the blood that was shed for the great cause, America.

      • Thank you, Kyle. It’s my belief that if these monuments, reminders of our past, are destroyed, we will repeat history. What a tremendous mistake that would be. It’s a mistake now to remove them.

    • Cynthia on said:

      No one is saying Confederate history should be erased they are saying it should not be CELEBRATED and recognized by TODAYS standards as people to be honored.

      • Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much for your comment. The statues were erected by descendants who had to save up for years to honor their fathers, brothers, etc. By removing the monuments, which are magnificent works of art by celebrated artists of their time, Confederate history is being removed as well. The monuments were not erected to celebrate the lost cause, but on the contrary, were erected as places where widows, orphans, and all those who had lost loved ones in the WBTS could mourn. Understand that many of these families had no idea what ever became of their loved ones. Their soldiers simply vanished, and most likely ended up in ditches and mass graves. This was a way for Southern families to mourn: by erecting these magnificent works of art after saving up for decades. In 1957, the U.S. government decreed that Confederate veterans were U.S. veterans. Therefore, their monuments, statues, and plaques commemorating their
        military duty should be respected like all other American veterans. As for celebrating Confederate history, I don’t think that has happened in this country since the early 1900’s, when Southern sympathy was a popular issue in films and books.

      • David Bailey on said:

        We have black history month and every other kind of holidays, MLK etc. We can’t even celebrate a Southern holiday? Oh wait, I forgot you’ve taken all of our holidays from us, where will it end? I will celebrate!!!!!!

      • Thanks, David, for your reply. I think the powers that be are doing their best to eradicate Confederate history. In my opinion, there is an underlying, sinister reason that this is happening. Using Dylann Roof and George Floyd as excuses is unacceptable, but it seems to be working for the leftists. Call me crazy, but I’m still going to display my Southern Cross. Guess I’m a rebel at heart!

  3. Cynthia on said:

    It does not seem likely the Confederate monuments erected in the last 50 years depicting horse mounted generals are testaments to the men and women who, perhaps unwittingly, gave their lives to the “Lost Cause”. If so a statue of Lee seated and crying over the loses at Antietam might be more appropriate . Why not a statue in Appomattox shaking hands with General Grant or one of him at Washington College in Lexington VA where he became the college president? Many of the monuments were installed in prominent places at the end of the Civil Rights movement when the country thought there would a shift in the social and political standing of “”colored citizens”. The purpose was most likely to continue to remind these citizens of their “true” status. At least I think that is the view of most activists who are calling for these monuments to be moved to more appropriate arenas; In front of their homes/plantations if they were preserved, art museums, libraries

    • Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much for your comment. To be honest, I don’t know of any Confederate monuments that were erected in the last fifty years. Most were erected around the turn of the 20th century, and the reason for this is because the Southern widows, orphans, and families who wanted to commemorate their deceased relatives couldn’t afford to pay for the beautiful monuments (which were created by renowned artists of their time) until they had saved up for decades. Most statues were erected before the Jim Crow era, so the narrative that they were erected to intimidate black people is false and inaccurate. In fact, I can cite several occasions where blacks were treated more fairly by Southerners than by the North. Most monuments were erected in prominent places so that Southerners could mourn their loved ones. Understand that so many women and children lost their loved ones without knowing whatever happened to them. Their beloved soldiers most likely ended up in ditches and mass graves. So Southerners erected the monuments in prominent places, which served as beautiful headstones to their beloved dead, since they never received bodies to bury. I believe your reference to Lee’s loss refers to the Battle of Gettysburg, and more specifically, to Pickett’s charge. You might not know about what is going on with Washington and Lee University. General Lee is buried in the chapel, but the university has decided to remove Lee’s name, and will most likely request to remove Washington’s as well. They have decided to remove anything on campus in reference to the Confederacy. This sickens me, because a statue of Lee in state over his grave is in the chapel, and his beloved Traveller is buried outside the chapel. Desecrating a grave, and especially a U.S. veterans’ grave, in incomprehensible to me. And yes, he is an American Veteran, as designated in 1957 by an act of Congress. It doesn’t seem that “activists” as you refer to them are interested in moving the monuments to “more appropriate arenas.” They are destroying them in cemeteries and private lands if they can. What they did to the Lion of Atlanta breaks my heart.

  4. kathy r on said:

    i am so upset by this rampant vandalism, who has the right to erase my history?? i am a native of virginia, so very proud of all our history, and thank you all for the efforts in cleaning this monument up! i would certainly be there on both these dates, but, i live in nevada and cannot, sadly. i hope these atrocious acts are stopped, and stopped soon

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Kathy. I can’t agree with you more. Not only do I hope these terrible acts end soon, but I hope we can get a responsible government installed this fall who will insist on replacing all the monuments and memorials that have been taken down or implemented with “corrective narratives.”

  5. These teen and 20-30 something protestors are tools. The BLM and the Bernie bros are Marxists. And if you want to look into their playbook, just look up the cultural revolution They want to fire up squueky clean white middle class kids to violence. (usefull idiots) They keep pushing because they want some squeeky clean white kids as martyrs. Their current martyrs are all criminals. I bet that if you shut down the Iphones, the riots would break up. No virtue signalling.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jim. I agree with you. The “peaceful protestors” are funded by George Soros, who wants to take down America. The NWO and deep state will do anything to get rid of our president, because he is the enemy. He blew the whistle on Epstein’s island, and we all know how many political figures and celebs are involved in that. It’s a very scary world right now.

  6. Michael Butler on said:

    Thank goodness the monument to our southern President was perfectly restored!! Thank you!! The ignorant BLM butt holes can crawl back under your rock now. Long live Dixie!!!!

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