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More Political Correctness


Yesterday, it was announced that the chancellor of Vanderbilt University will erase more Southern history. This time, the attack is on an old building on campus that has the word “Confederate” embossed onto it. According to Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos (who is not Southern and does not have any Southern roots), removing the words “Confederate Memorial Hall” from a residence hall would inspire diversity and reduce racial inequality. Actually, what it will do is create more unnecessary political correctness.


It is interesting that Vanderbilt acquires so much funding from taxpayers, and yet, somehow sees fit to destroy history without their consent or even knowledge. Zeppos seems to think changing the name is not rewriting history. Except that it is.


“Since I came in 1987,” said Zeppos, “that building has been a symbol of our own history and the country’s history of racism, of slavery, and of segregation.”

Really? All that from one word? What about Southern heritage, pride, defense of one’s own home, and prosperity? And who exactly doesn’t feel welcome because of a name on an old building? A very small minority, if that? I have to wonder.

“…I am happy to announce, continued Zeppos, “that the pediment will be removed.”

Using a word like “pediment” is a sure indication of Zeppos anti-Southern sentiments. Like so many others driven by political correctness these days, Chancellor Zeppos obviously has not taken many history classes. Instead of changing the name, which would cost thousands of dollars, the building should be used as a learning tool. After all, this is an academic institution of higher learning, is it not? Erasing history is the biggest mistake anyone can make. And doing away with the name is offensive.





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2 thoughts on “More Political Correctness

  1. Eddie Inman on said:

    Apparently, at Vanderbilt the only diversity and inclusiveness pertains to only that which appeases the god of political correctness. That is neither very diverse, nor very inclusive. God Save The South [><]

    • I agree. The scary thing that no one seems to realize is, once the door is open to getting rid of one thing, others will follow, until all our history is gone. We cannot allow that to happen.

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