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The Crusade against Christianity and the Confederate Flag


The current climate in the United States has become quite disconcerting. Last year, Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage in South Carolina sparked a nationwide frenzy. Surprisingly, his actions didn’t ignite a gun control debate, because he purchased the firearm legally, even though he shouldn’t have qualified. This was an epic fail on the part of the Democrats. So instead of laying blame where it was due (on the killer and white supremacists), the liberals decided to attack the Confederate battle flag instead. It’s interesting that this happened at the same time Obama legalized same-sex marriage, which was a direct attack on Christian values. Because of the coincidental timing, I have to wonder if Roof was a plant. His case has been pushed back to November, and he will likely not be facing a death sentence.

In lieu of the tragedy in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, Obama and Hillary refused to acknowledge the shooter as being an ISIS terrorist, even though the gunman openly admitted it. Why would they intentionally refuse to acknowledge the fact? The Obama administration is deleting all references made to ISIS in the 911 calls, and is making sure no references to Allah will appear in the documentation, but will instead state that the shooter was acting out of loyalty to God. This is yet another attack on Christian beliefs, and Obama is allowing more so-called “refugees” into the country while he is trying to take away our guns.


The Confederate battle flag is based on St. Andrews Cross. Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus, and was crucified on an X-shaped cross. He is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland. Prior to the War Between the States, nearly 75% of the Southern population was Scottish or Scotch-Irish. The Confederate Southern Cross came from the Celtic symbol. The letter “X” is the Greek letter CHIA and has been used historically to represent Christ, as in “Merry X-Mas.” Illiterate people signed their name with an X, which meant they were pledging their faith and giving their honest oath to God. To attack this flag is a direct attack on Christianity itself, but many people don’t understand this.

The truth is, Confederate soldiers did not fight to preserve slavery. They fought against federal oppression. This is exactly what we are dealing with today – the federal government’s attempt to take away our rights. The Confederate flag does not represent slavery. It represents just the opposite – freedom. As soon as people wake up and start realizing this, then the insanity of doing away with Southern heritage will stop. But as long as Americans continue to buy into the liberal Marxist mindset of political correctness, attacks on the Confederacy, the Bible, Christianity, traditional marriage, and our constitutional rights will continue.




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2 thoughts on “The Crusade against Christianity and the Confederate Flag

  1. Louis Hemmi on said:

    Obama legalized same-sex marriage, which was a direct attack on Christian values.

    I follow your posts, as I am descended from Confederate officers, and have deep roots in and greatly support the Confederate flags – all of them.

    However, Obama did not legalize same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court issued a ruling. The president doesn’t have the authority to legalize same-sex marriage, which I support.

    As to Christian values, in our democracy we don’t have to toe a religious line. I’m gay and I’m very proud of my family (not a traditional one) and myself.

    Thanks – I’ll continue following you but I realize it’s unrealistic to assume that we’ll agree on everything 🙂

    Stick to history, as we have enough divisive politicizing.


    • Hi Louis,
      Thank you for your response. By no means did I intend to offend or upset you. I was merely stating that all of the things mentioned in my blog post are so coincidental in their timing that I believe they are related, and are an attack on this country’s founding religion (of which the majority belongs). Yes, the Supreme Court did make the ruling, but I believe Obama had an influence. However, perhaps I should have worded that sentence differently. It seems strange to me that the Supreme Court’s ruling happened so quickly and seemed to come out of nowhere. Prior to that, it was each state’s decision. Current events concern me deeply and are similar to what the country experienced prior to the Civil War. Please know that I truly appreciate your writing to me and following my blog.
      J.D.R. Hawkins

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