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Lee’s Retreat


One hundred and fifty years ago today, Confederate General Robert E. Lee found his lines overextended around Petersburg, Virginia. The siege had been going on for nine months, and after a series of battles on April 1-2, 1865, the Rebel lines were broken. Lee withdrew from the city and took his army further southwest, hoping to link up with Confederate troops in North Carolina.

But Union General Ulysses S. Grant pursued, preventing Lee and his dwindling army from moving south. Lee fled through south central Virginia, into Amelia Court House, and west to Sailor’s Creek. Disaster for his army was soon approaching.

On April 6, 1865, the two armies clashed, resulting in a near annihilation of Lee’s forces. But the Confederates resiliently continued westward, marching through Farmville toward Appomattox Court House.

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2 thoughts on “Lee’s Retreat

  1. Gary Daniel on said:

    I thought this was going to be about the 280 Confederates who held a couple redoubts and rifle pits buying time for General Lee to organize the retreat and get out of Petersburg. I think 30 Confederates survived the holding action.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Daniel. How very sad that only thirty men made it out. The war profoundly changed our ancestors’ lives, and our country as a whole. It’s a shame so many are trying to erase any reminder of it. They are expecting big problems in Gettysburg this weekend and have the national guard on reserve. Scary.

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