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One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Only Three Days Left to Enter!


It’s getting down to the wire! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Now is your chance to enter my book giveaway. All you have to do is answer the following questions and email them to me at jdrhawkins@gmail.com. The contest runs through February 21, after which I will announce the two winners on my blog. Good luck!

Describe your perfect Civil War soul mate:

  1. What is their name?
  2. Where are they from?
  3. What is their occupation?
  4. What is their age/gender?
  5. What are some of your soul mate’s personality traits?
  6. Please specify if you would like a PDF copy of A Beautiful Glittering Lie or A Beckoning Hellfire.

Thanks for participating! I can’t wait to read what you send me. Stay tuned – winners will be announced on February 22!

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2 thoughts on “Only Three Days Left to Enter!

  1. rochelle butler on said:

    Hi! I am Rochelle Butler from West Memphis, AR. A few months ago, I read your story about the Yankees burning the place where I grew up, along with every crop, home and anything else that got in their way. I had no idea! Great story!!! I am a Realtor, just managing my parents’ rental property. I am a female in my 50’s. Personality traits- good ones-hmmm…Optimistic, fun, child-like, in a good way! I would love to read both books, but for now, I guess I’ll go for, “A Beckoning Hellfire”. Thank you for this opportunity! I just think you are a very unique author and love everything I’ve read by you, so far!!! Love, Rochelle

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks for the kind words! Could you please answer the following questions, just to make your entry legit?
      Describe your perfect Civil War soul mate:

      What is their name?
      Where are they from?
      What is their occupation?
      What is their age/gender?
      What are some of your soul mate’s personality traits?

      Please send to my email address: jdrhawkins@gmail.com. Thanks and good luck!

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