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Outstanding Civil War Reenactment

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Last weekend, my husband and I attended a Civil War reenactment in Pipestone, Minnesota. This reenactment takes place every two years. This year, there was a great turnout of spectators and reenactors. The weekend included two battles, a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln, several demonstrations, and a ball on Saturday night. The only thing missing was a period church service on Sunday morning. Most reenactments include this as part of their schedule, so I’m curious as to why this was omitted.

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We saw the reenactment on Saturday and arrived just in time for a battle. The Confederates won! There were many enthusiastic reenactors on hand to demonstrate period ammunition and attire, and discuss various aspects of the war. For some reason, there were no horses present. Again, why?

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I will post more photos later on this week. Please feel free to send your comments! I’m very excited to discover a reenactment outside of my previous home in Mississippi, and it was a lot of fun to meet people who are just as enthusiastic about the War Between the States and the Confederate cause as I am. (Thanks to Miss Tracey and Mr. Kale for giving your consent to pose for pictures.)

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