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Postponed Parks

Because of the enormous amount of recent public outcry and publicity, the Memphis City Council decided at yesterday’s meeting to table the renaming of three Civil War themed parks. These three parks (Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park, and Forrest Park, named after famous Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest) will be able to retain their names for at least 30 days. In a 10-3 vote, the motion was made to postpone a final decision on this issue.

The response to the Memphis City Council’s rash decision has been phenomenal. National, as well as international, attention has been directed at Memphis because of the City Council’s irrational attempt to rename these parks, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to Lee Millar, spokesman for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, “One city councilman admitted that he’d gotten over 600 emails to save the parks.”

The council stated that the delay in their decision was made so that the newly created “Parks Study Committee” might have an opportunity to analyze all three parks and make recommendations as to what future steps they should take. In other words, they want to decide if the ludicrous idea of renaming these parks can actually fly. As I stated before, let’s hope not. It would be a tragic loss. Personally, I find it amazing that this has even happened. In my opinion, it is tremendously disrespectful and sad.

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3 thoughts on “Postponed Parks

  1. I have to agree entirely. Though you may or may not like some aspects of his life, General Forrest was a brilliant soldier and a undeniable part of the heritage of the South. To revise history or rename a monument to suit the desires of the politically correct is tragic.

    I would like to personally thank you for your continued coverage of this event in Memphis, and for your stand for the heritage and legacy of the South.

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