J.D.R. Hawkins

One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

The First Thanksgiving

Everyone knows that the pilgrims invented the first Thanksgiving. But the holiday wasn’t designated a national day of observance until October 3, 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November to be “a day of Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” It took nearly a century before some cities in the South, including Vicksburg, Mississippi, to finally acknowledge the holiday.

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that has escaped religious persecution. Abraham Lincoln was a deeply religious man, and it is certain that he meant for the nation to thank God for the many blessings he bestowed on them. Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday that hasn’t come under attack the way Easter and Christmas have.

At this time of year, many Americans are feeling the impact of the loss of loved ones, or are dealing with other critical situations in their lives. During this holiday season, please pray for them, as well as for the safety of our military personnel.

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