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Stars and Bars Banned (This time on a prom dress)

Yet again, ignorance raises its ugly head. After Gibson High School senior Texanna Edwards arrived at her senior prom wearing a beautiful sequined red dress with the Southern Cross adorning it, she was asked to leave. It is alarming to see how politics have entered into this. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression? 

The dress was not revealing in any way, but some close-minded individuals decided that it was offensive enough to kick the poor girl out of her own prom.Many students wear clothing every day with the Rebel flag on it, but this is the first time punishment has been instigated. Texanna went on television to say that she didn’t intend to offend anyone. Perhaps she was just proud of her heritage and ancestry. God forbid!

It is just one more example of how this country is removing more freedoms and liberties every day. Principal James Hughes refused to speak to reporters. Eddie Pruett, the director of schools for Gibson Country, was conveniently unavailable for comment.

For more info, visit: http://www.wmctv.com/story/17712045/teen-banned-from-prom-over-confederate-dress

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