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Haunted Civil War Graveyards

Cemeteries have always been considered to be the most haunted places anywhere, and reports date back to ancient civilizations. The Celts are credited with beginning Halloween traditions by performing the Pagan rite of lighting up autumn produce (squash, pumpkins, etc.) to illuminate the spirits’ way.

Civil War cemeteries are no exception. So many spectral soldiers have been seen that the list seems endless. Virtually every cemetery that holds the remains of those brave men who fought in the War Between the States is said to be haunted, and of course, some graveyards are more active than others. Below is just a small example of places where paranormal activity has been reported:

Balls Bluff Cemetery – north of Leesburg, VA

Andersonville Cemetery – near the original site of the Andersonville Prison in Georgia

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Virginia

Alexandria National Cemetery, Virginia – Stonewall Jackson is buried here

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA – Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General J.E.B. Stuart are buried here

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, OH

Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN

Practically every state in the Union has old cemeteries where Civil War soldiers are buried and supposedly still walk to earth. I’ve been to both Hollywood Cemetery and Elmwood Cemetery, and in my opinion, these old graveyards, filled with ornate Victorian headstones, are spooky during the daytime, so I can just imagine how scary they are at night. Dare I say, I wouldn’t be caught dead in them? Kudos to the brave souls who go exploring in these creepy places at night to catch a glimpse of a Civil War specter.

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