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The Mechanized Cavalry Rides Again!

Last Sunday, a group of dedicated Confederate descendants rode to the rescue of a Korean War vet. Perry Thrasher recently received media attention when he was forced to take down the Southern Cross in his room at the Memphis VA hospital. This happened after a nurse complained that the flag was “racist.” Mr. Thrasher has an ancestor who fought in the War Between the States.

Enter the Mechanized Cavalry, comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts who are also Sons of Confederate Veterans members. To honor Mr. Thrasher, the group bestowed on him a lifetime membership to the Mechanized Cavalry, as well as a lifetime membership to the SCV.

Apparently, because of all the negative press the VA hospital received, Mr. Thrasher has been allowed to have a quilt on his bed that looks like a Confederate battle flag. After honoring him, the Mechanized Cavalry traveled to Forrest Park, where they participated in the annual birthday celebration/ceremony for General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA.

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